Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legalizing Pot

I get annoyed when I see Americans whining about this issue.  

"Can't we please have some marijuana, please Uncle Sammy? We promise we'll be real good. An' we won't get addicted or anything stupid like that."

And at the same time people are begging the Feds for a smoke, they are letting the same Feds get away with jumping into bed with Wall Street.  Yeah, that's right!  

The same Wall Street that burned the house down.  

And the same Banksters who foreclosed on millions of citizens.  And you do know how that works don't you?  People who missed maybe one payment or were a half hour late with a payment and suddenly the bank says "Nope.  You cannot make any more payments.  We don't want your money.  We just want yer house."  Course they don't want the money because the money ain't worth the paper it's printed on.  But a house.  Now that's different.  A house is real.  And it will only grow in value.  

"And the banks can just warehouse the good ones till the price comes back up.  And sell off the crummy ones so it'll look like they're doing something nice, selling off other people's troubles, for cheap."  

And guess what?  Americans who until just a few short years ago would never have soiled themselves buying other people's troubles now think nothing of it.  Hell, they're just so happy to buy, buy, buy, those cheap $100 dollar houses.  So it isn't just the banks who have no ethics.  It's Main Street, too.  

Anyway my point is this:  this is what you call a responsible government?  No wonder this country is going down the toilet double quick. People can't see the forest for the trees.  "Oh, please, Mister President, could you just let us have a little joint, please?"

George Washington grew marijuana as his main crop.  And Jefferson had it as a secondary crop.  Wake the fuck up, people!  

Who is it that said that stupid people are conservatives?  The far right is far from stupid.  They know what they want:  They really like to be kicked around by dictators.  But libs?  Well, they like to wring their hands and whine.  And sorta hope everybody will just be nice.

This government has broken The Social Contract on about a million different levels.  And with NDAA these jerks are getting ready to break it some more only bigger and more importantly than before.  After all, America let Bush destroy Magna Carta.  

Why don't you people have guns in your hands?  Why are you letting the Occupy people do all your dirty work?


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