Tuesday, February 8, 2011

War On Terror Is A Fraud


N ew evidence and eyewitnesses who were on the plane Christmas Day, 2009, with Umar Farouk Abdul Mutalab, better known as the Underwear Bomber, are beginning to shred the credibility of the US government's case in the so-called War On Terror. 

The truth is right in front of our eyes.  

Why do we not protest in the streets like the Egyptians and the Tunisians.  Every time a new development emerges, from the Underwear Bomber guy to the Times Square Bomber and the Portland, Oregon, Christmas terrorist, who, it turns out, was developed and encouraged by the CIA, in a messy entrapment and sting event.  


Or perhaps a better question might be--- why is it that somehow these events always seems to begin to stink of fraud?  Put up jobs. We have all seen enough movies that we have, at least an idea of how these propagandistic staged events work from the inside. The Underwear Bomber event had a real purpose beyond the obvious. It gave the government an excuse to clamp down on American travelers at the airports.  It cried out for scanners and invasive pat downs and whatever forms of harassment the "security people" could come up with.  And the sale of the scanners made one Michael Chertoff, a wealthy man.  

Fortunately, the eye witnesses, who happened to be on the plane that day, were also flying home from Amsterdam, are lawyers with sharp eyes and skeptical, but logical, turns of mind.  They witnessed some strange goings on at the Amsterdam Airport and then later on board the things got very strange.  And the two lawyers put two and two together.