Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rethinking Afghanistan


D oes anybody really understand why America is still, after an exhausting 9 years, fighting in Afghanistan?  I'm just saying.  Supposedly, the armed forces are taking out the Al Quaida terrorists who are being harbored there.  But according to the latest intelligence there are no more than 100 members of that organization left in Afghanistan.  Anybody see the logic of spending billions each year on armaments, troops and innocent people's lives?


Because I do not!

If the reasons given for the occupation of Afghanistan are actually the reasons why we are there, then the only logical action is to clear out tomorrow.  But President Obama continues to fabricate insubstantial reasons.  His latest defense of the war there contains no factual information. It is all a big, useless exercise in Moonbeaming.  And in fact, this places the Afghanistan War in the same league with Viet Nam and Iraq.  Fake wars whose only real purpose was to enrich a few war-profiteers.  Considering that the latest polls show that more than 60% of the American public now want this war over with!  Done!  Finished!  Ended!

Take a look at some very smart people in this video, discussing this very issue.  Robert Greenwald and Thom
Hartman.  When these guys speak truth they will make you so angry that by the end you'll want to go out and pass out flyers for Peace in the Middle East.