Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin Legislature's Shameful Vote

W hat has the Republican Party come to?  

If you listen to John Boner he consistently insists that he speaks on behalf of the American People.  Well, I can show you quite a few Americans he does not speak for.  In fact there are about 70,000,000 people he does not speak for.  

In reality the majority of Americans will vote for Truth, Justice, fairness, in other words, progressive, given half a chance.  

The GOP is the party which supports pirates, liars, cheats, tyrants, and most forms of evil.

Now the Republican state Legislators of Wisconsin have rammed the obnoxious bill through, which strips government employees from ever engaging in collective bargaining, despite the fact that the people have spoken loud and clear all across America.

Americans say "No! No! and No!" and the Republican Party responds saying, "I hear "Yes!" And if they didn't say "Yes," then fuck them!  They just want to be fucked over--- again!  I just love it when people say "Tell us what to think." And in truth, conservatives are people who cannot stand it when anyone does not think the exact same way they do.  So they are driven to get into office and rule in such a way that they can impose their ideology on everyone. And that is a real clue to the conservative personality. They love to march in lockstep. And feel threatened when everyone is not in lockstep with them.

Is that not what properly is called, Tyranny?

And, of course, what happens then, is that they then turn around and accuse liberals of being the ones who feel the need to impose their ideology on everyone.  In the same way, Rush Limbaugh has this little foible which allows him to throw anything back that anyone says, that he doesn't like.  If a liberal, or even a conservative, for that matter, says "Rush, you are a fascist," Rush just says, "No, you're the fascist!"  I don't know whether that is a trick he likes to pull or whether he sincerely cannot see the Truth of the matter. Namely, that he and most other Republicans and conservatives are big, fat, Fascists.

The video below shows the scandalous behavior of the Republican legislators in session.  They shout their vote, "Yea!" to pass the criminal bill which violates the rights of every working person in this country, before the speaker has finished his sentence.  This, despite the fact that the Capitol building is filled with thousands of people who have been occupying the building for 5 days in protest. That is what John Boehner means when he says says he speaks for the American People.  

And ultimately, what is this bill about?  In one sentence: it is about destroying the unions.  And what is the main reason the Republicans want to crush the unions?  So that the corporations can complete their coup d'etat of the United States government.  I wonder why these corporations are not hauled into court and tried for treason.

This is, as Norman Goldman says, repeatedly:  "All out Class Warfare."  And it has been going on for about 30 years.  Oh, wait! That coincides with the Reagan years, doesn't it?

And why do the Republicans want to control the federal government?  Simple::  Social Security has about $40,000,000,000,000 in its funds.  That's 40 Trillion dollars.  And the Wall Street Banksters want that money! And they want it bad!! So one of the first things that will happen when the Fascist corporations complete the traitorous treasonous take over of the Federal Government will be to privatize Social Security.  The American people have just seen what happens when Wall Street is allowed to play without federal regulation.  In a word, the RUIN of everything!