Friday, September 17, 2010

President Obama Springs to New Life

Great news! I hate to seem spiteful but what it looks like to me is this: as Rahm Emanuel leaves the Whitehouse, Obama springs to life.  This is certainly a big, bold step he's taken appointing Elizabeth Warren to man the post, as it were,  of the agency she, herself, designed.  What a God Send she is!  And we know how much the right wingnuts hate her. the Right wingers in Congress  tried to pass a law to bar Elizabeth Warren from being put in charge of policing Wall Street!  And no wonder they hate her.

She is honest!

And they can't find any dirt on her.

And it kills them.

America Wins!

When somebody in Washington DC starts talking Truth, the right wing goes into a tail spin!  We see it, but nobody says anything.  I wonder why.

So now Obama has appointed Elizabeth Warren to a somewhat lesser position to act on the fringe for the organization she designed.  It is a totally unsatisfactory arrangement, but it must be that the members of the Business Roundtable will assassinate the president, as they did JFK, if Obama doesn't fall in step with them.  So at best this appointment is a compromise.