Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Robert F. Kennedy challenges Gross Domestic Product

Speech More Relevant Than Ever

It becomes more and more clear with time: Robert F Kennedy and his brother, John F Kennedy were assassinated because they both talked TRUTH.  I ask myself, "What large organization would kill to suppress truth?"

Answer: The GOP hates truth!  Listen to the lies of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Alan Simpson, as they distort facts and figures, and any information having to do with Social Security, Medicare, Health Care Reform, Credit Card reform, Wall Street reform.  I'll stop there, as those are enough contentious issues about which the Congressmen named above are known to equivocate, if not downright lie.

And lie they do.

Not just some of the time, either.

All the time.

Want more examples?  Look how long it took Ken Mehlman to come out as a gay man, after years of bald-faced lying about his own sexual orientation, as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Mehlman actively helped Republicans to pass virulent anti-gay legislation.  How much self-loathing is involved in that?  How about how the Republicans still lie about the fact that they work entirely for the benefit of the super rich and multi-national corporations while making loud protestations about being concerned about the poor and middle class.  Like my Political -Science professor said in class one day, "The most audacious and ruthless ripoff sales job in history was when the Republican Party sold poor people and minorities on the idea that it was to their benefit to switch their allegiance to the Republican Party."

GOP leadership was then, and they are now, plainly and simply, outrageous liars, defenders of Greed,  who conduct rituals of Satanic worship at their Bohemian Grove ceremonies, under the image of the Owl.  And if you saw the movie, Eyes Wide Shut, you saw Tom Cruise exposed in what looked suspiciously like a Republican Satanic revelry.  My immediate reaction to the scene was that it was a reference to what might happen if a liberal ever were to enter a Republican caucus, with or without disguise:  The man the gold mask, dressed in red ceremonial robes.  The basso chanting of Satanic verses.  It is a fact that the worship of worldly wealth and material goods is not an attribute of Christianity!  Jesus of Nazareth was very clear about that:

"Consider the lilies of the field." he said. "They spin not, neither do they toil."  

Stop me when I go wrong here, but I take that statement to mean that money is not a big part of Jesus' message to the world.  In fact, I would feel safe assuming that he meant just the opposite.  And yet so many Christians seem to equate Christianity with massive amounts of shekels.  Take for example, Eric Prince, the scion of an extremely wealthy, Christian family. Eric is the founder of Blackwater, the name now changed to something less meaningful.  Fascinating, how it has recently come to light how Prince created a plethora of false-front subsidiary companies in order to garner as many government no-bid contracts as possible and still maintain a low-profile.  Prince hired an army of mercenary soldiers who were paid princely sums compared to the paltry pittance of the US Army grunt.  Prince could well afford to pay his guns for hire hundreds of thousands in salary, as he himself was taking in billions in profit.  There was a first rate movie a year or so ago, with Ben Affleck, as an aggressively questioning Senator, Russel Crowe, as an investigative journalist, and Helen Mirren, as the owner/publisher of a paper very much like The Washington Post.  State of Play was the title. (2009) The movie strongly alluded to that very situation.  The point is that these Republican types who flourished during Bush 2, were not merely wretched liars, who cravenly hid in shadows, but corrupt beyond imagining.  And any truth tellers were dealt with either, as Valerie Plame--- outed by the Whitehouse, as a CIA agent, putting her life at risk, not to mention her associates; and smearing her husband, Joe Wilson, for telling truth about the buying and selling of yellow cake uranium; or Defense Strategist, Richard Clark, who was kicked out and then smeared by the Whitehouse.

But some were simply killed outright.

There were an awful lot of private airplane crashes during Bush 2, which just happened to be timed so that  certain key people who were scheduled to testify in court within days, sometimes hours of the hearings were killed. Oops! Dead.  And the local police usually had all the information within minutes after the crash, if not in some cases, beforehand.  Any voices of outrage were immediately silenced.  The video below puts into perspective the role of one Mike Connell, a super-partisan Bush supporter during the 2004 elections. Connell  was responsible for the publication of the Swift Boat fiasco which falsely accused John Kerry of so many fictitious acts, among other dirty GOP tricks.

Mike Connell was served with a subpoena, compelling him to appear in the federal courtroom in Ohio at the same College Park, MD airport where his single engine plane took off from, on his final solo flight...  Mike Connell's private jet crashed the day before he was to testify.  At the time, it was said that Karl Rove had warned Connell to keep his mouth shut.  Nor was this death an isolated event.  There were more than a few such perfectly timed crashes of private jets.  There was a Senator.  There was the Whitehouse computer guru, a devout Christian who was disgusted by what he had seen at the Whitehouse.  He left and volunteered to become a witness, and who, like Connell, was scheduled to testify in Federal Court, but was deplaned, shall we say? the night before.  It seemed that anyone who knew anything about the Bush administration and was deemed to be at risk of spilling their guts to a court, was beyond foolish to get into a private jet.  The timing of the crashes was such that, to anyone watching, the Bushies were blatantly telling the world that if you speak what you know, or even give the appearance that you might, there would be consequences.

Interestingly, these gangland-style assassinations, have, so far, tended not to occur under President Obama.  Funny, how those things work.  Suddenly, now that the Bushies are gone, airplanes seem to fly without falling down from the sky.

Back to the Kennedy brothers' assassinations.  Corporate Media likes to blame the Mafia; and perhaps the Mafia was involved, but it's far more likely that the Mafia collaborated with the Republican leadership of the time.

This speech by Robert Kennedy has become more relevant rather than less relevant as we have moved into the 21st. Century.  In fact, this speech was brought to my attention by Alan Grayson, the Democratic Congressman now running for his life in Florida.  The Koch's have taken careful aim at Grayson, to remove him from Congress.  Unfortunately of the four or five candidates the Republicans have, they all turn out to be flakes.  Too bad the GOP has no real candidates and yet---and this is really frightening--- The GOP is being touted as the big winner across the board.  Then the Koch brothers will have totally bought the United States Congress.

Yes, but that is illegal, you may say.

Well, the Supreme Court says otherwise!

Of course, the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizen's United is an outrageous, obscene even, partisan ruling which completely gives corporations the upper hand in all future elections in America.  And that includes foreign multi-national corporations.  We now know that money is even more important than name recognition in elections.  That is to say, that money buys television commercials and print ads, and public relations firms and all sorts of  carefully placed articles and letters placed in magazines and newspapers.

But after all, the Supreme Court has done worse.  Much, much worse!  In the 2000 presidential election,  they intervened in a national presidential election, selected their own man and declared him the winner.  That was not merely an oddity.

It was, in fact, a coup d'état!

The Supreme Court of the United States of America exceeded its Constitutional power, by a long shot, and abridged the electoral process, which they, each one without exception, were bound by oath to uphold.  So much for the effectiveness of an oath taken by a government official.  Any government official at all.  

For this they ought to have been shot for treason.

Every single Supreme Court Justice who participated in this appalling action at the very least should have been brought to trial and condemned as there was no defense of such a clear cut violation.  They could not have  claimed anything but Nolo Contendere.  No Contest.  Which is, obviously, an admission of guilt, made in hopes of mercy from the court.

After such a treasonous and criminal action, one would think the GOP is no longer entitled to criticize liberal judges whom they like to call Activist Judges...legislating from the bench. But that would not take into account one of the most difficult attributes of the Republican Party, namely, that they have no honor.  There is no lie, no act of corruption so low that, even when shown to be dead wrong, which would bring from their lips, an apology, or an admission of guilt or even responsibility.  This is the major downfall of the Republican Party.  This one defect is what places the GOP, generally, in the position of keeping close company with stupid people.  If not being entirely stupid themselves, individually, their collective actions follow precisely the behavior of stupid people. This behavior is named after the scientists who defined the behavior of stupid people who proclaim loudly their ignorance, such as the screamers at the rallies in the summer of '09. Known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect.  It seems that stupid, ill-informed, opinionated people, are incapable of understanding that, in fact, they are wrong and their position is based in unskilled ignorance.  They cannot be dissuaded from their position however much it conflicts with factual information.  It is axiomatic that unskilled people, especially of low IQ, exhibit such behavior.  Conversely, the skillful person, it has been found, in the same study, tends to underestimate his or her own skill and competence. 

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