Thursday, December 17, 2009

Percy Schmeiser and Monsanto

Why Monsanto Must Rein In Or Be Thrown Out

M onsanto provides a perfect model for study of the abuse of intellectual patents. Other questions, such as the real value of Genetically Modified food are certainly worthy of discussion. And whether or not there is any real validity to Monsanto's intellectual patent on seeds. The problem is, they want to control all the seeds in the world; just as they want to control all the world's supply of food, while pretending to be concerned with the welfare of poorer nations, and how they Monsanto will be able to feed everyone who now hungers. But their behavior now, is the all important clue as to how they will behave once they have accomplished their nefarious goal of having all the farmers under their profit motivated thumb: is more to be lost in the public sector than gained by this kind of privatization of property which has always belonged to the farmers, and the government merely held them in Trust, like the world's water supply, on behalf of the citizens. George Bush and Dick Cheney and a few other Neocons certainly believe that what Monsanto is doing is a good thing. But they want to privatize the air we breathe, the water we drink, and ground we walk upon. This kind of doctrine makes one want to proclaim oneself a socialist, even if one has never considered oneself a socialist before. We saw that during the Bush administration, privatization was considered a good thing, but now, we realize that this sort of thing when done by corporations---is inevitably the path to intolerable abuse. And the damage doesn't stop at abuse, but these economic policies are, historically, the road to the destruction of civilization.

So why is nobody suggesting that we throw out this dog-eat-dog crony capitalistic self-destruction of America? Why are these insane Rethugs who have, through their own willful criminal ways, destroyed the economy and instigated foreclosure on hundreeds of thousands of American families, generally acted as pirates, why are they looking so attractive to American voters again.

To hope for a different outcome from these pigs is insanity! Literally, the classical definition of insanity.

And Monsanto is leading the parade of crooked thinking. And perhaps, actually, Monsanto's piggishness is now actually working against the neo-cons. And that is why there was an article in the Statesman Journal, which was, in fact, an exposé of the evil ways of Monsanto. The article was written by a writer for the Associated Press, which is owned by the Rothschilds. More conservative you will not find. So perhaps the big guys have determined that Monsanto's ways are not sustainable. And while not in so many words, they are throwing the corporation out into the cold. Nobody, no single entity actually gets to control the world's food supply.

The Canadian judges were obviously partisan conservatives. They ruled (badly) on Percy Schmeisers suit against Monsanto. In fact, their rulings were so in defiance of logic and reason that it became clear, that if they had not been bought off by Monsanto, the case more than amply gave the appearance of judges having obeyed the letter of the law, but having violated the spirit of the law.

The United States Department of Justice is now investigating anti-trust accusations. At issue is whether Monsanto is involved in illegal Global Dominance in the seed market to the point of crowding out all competition. But it isn't only that Monsanto controls the seed market. There is an unbelievable evil which they disingenuously perpetrate, namely that when their genetically modified product is next to a farm where the seed has been carefully nurtured for many generations, the wind will blow the modified seed and infect the adjacent farm. Then that farmers seeds will no longer produce a crop. That is the price of GE seed infestation. And it is obvious that Monsanto is entirely knowing of this. Then they take some of that farmers product and show how it has incorporated the DNA which Monsanto has patented. But the latest conversations now have to do with passing of new laws which question the entire area of intellectual patents on things which belong to the public domain.

If this is where civilization is headed---count me out. I will not willingly live in a world where the law protects only the wealthy and powerful. That is merely archaic! Primitive to the point of being nearly chthonic, actually. And in fact, such a system can be summed up as the law of the jungle, where might is right.

Might is Right only in the jungle and the jailhouse!

Criminal minds think that way.

In which case it is time to dismantle the so-called Justice system and start over again. It is too corrupt for my taste.

Coincidently, I happened to see the excellent film Michael Clayton, the other night on TV. It is now clear that the giant corporation they are talking about is Monsanto. If nothing else, Monsanto's arrogance is repulsive. Its' Greed is bottomless, not unlike the hugely gross fat-man being served in the Monty Python skit where the man is served more and more food in the fancy restaurant, until, finally, he explodes, leaving a dreadful mess. But if you simply examine the fact that prior to its disquieting excusion into cornering the world seed market, Monsanto was famous for 2 products. Weedkiller Roundup and the Agent Orange used in Viet Nam which destroyed so many of both American and Vietnamese military men's nervous system.