Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bertrand Russell On Libs and Cons

The fundamental difference between the liberal and the illiberal outlook is that the former regards all questions as open to discussion and all opinions as open to a greater or lesser measure of doubt, while the latter holds in advance that certain opinions are absolutely unquestionable, and that no argument against them must be allowed be heard.

What is curious about this position is the belief that if impartial investigation were permitted it would lead men to the wrong conclusion, and that ignorance is, therfore, the only safeguard against terror. This point of view cannot be accepted by any man who wishes reason rather than prejudice to govern human action.

Isn't it wonderful how like a cool breeze in August is a bit of clear reason.  Thank you Bertie for that.  And there we have it.  In just a few short sentences Russell has defined the difference between the two most prevalent modes of thought, really though, the two modes of perceiving the world we live in.   Odd that so many Americans simply are unable to wrap their minds around truth.  Preferring instead to hide their heads in the barrage of outrageous lies known as FOX NEWS.