Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Corporation

The Corporation is Insane

Vaccine for cows which are toxic to humans but nevertheless approved by the FDA.  A designer clothing line which pays workers .74¢ an hour and sells shirts and other clothing for   $59.99 retail and more.  The ruthless corruption of the Monsanto corporation and the corruption of the FDA and the Patent Office.  If you have never seen this documentary before, it will blister your brain.  At least it will stun you if you have a conscience, and a sense of right and wrong.  The cases explored herein provide excellent argument as to why we, as a nation, or perhaps all of world culture, must now consider dismantling the entire structure of capitalism in the world.  To discover the horror stories of FOX NEWS and Monsanto concerning Monsanto's anti-biotic additives in cow's milk, which are now causing such terrible problems for American children, from cancer to premature onset of secondary sexual characteristics in very young girls.  And the appalling miscarriage of justice meted out to two honest journalists at the corrupt hands of a Federal Courts of Appeals.  The same courts, by the way, which have given monstrous corporations license to do as they wish in the market.  When you see how you have been groomed as a mindless consumer, you will, I hope, get very angry.  But more than that, much of this material is so horrifying that your mind will wipe it out, totally erase the impact of the film within a half an hour. But here is an excerpt from the movie where it is shown how the corporation is now and has been for quite a long time, insane. This not an exaggeration; the charge of psychopathology is deadly serious. Watch the check list carefully.

Here is a trailer of the 23 part documentary as shown and is available on