Friday, October 29, 2010

The Situation is Critical

This has been for too long now, an overpopulated world impoverished by the very fact that it is overpopulated.   The conservative religionists, as a result of the hysteria caused by their irrational belief systems, refuse to allow wholesome and proper sex education. Thus they are directly responsible for the burgeoning explosion of population.

There are no longer enough of any natural resources to go around.  And what few resources there are, such as oil, metal, air and potable water, are being claimed by giant corporations as if all the earth's natural resources belonged to only the wealthy.  And what do they do with these resources which are in fact the only true wealth?

They squander them.

When the Amazon Rain-forest goes, the quality of air on earth will be vastly diminished in a way that is near unthinkable now.  All of our options are about to be severely reduced.  And more than half of the rain-forest, which is the lung of the earth, the essential organ which makes life possible, is already gone. What was once rich and fertile land of the Amazon Basin, is fast becoming a dry, useless desert.

The fact that so many people cannot see or confront these realities attests to the pervading insanity.


Since there is no other way to deal with this overpopulation, which only increases exponentially, and in itself will bring about the death of the earth, itself, as a viable planet, and sooner, not later, several groups, working in secret, comprised exclusively of the very rich and powerful, are initiating a drastic plan to rid the earth of a very significant portion of the planetary population by starving the peoples of the earth to death.  And those who do not die of starvation will be poisoned.


Monsanto, which originally promised to be the solution to the world's hunger problem has shifted its mission, so that now Monsanto is the venue of delivery of the poison.  And the American federal government supports all of this.  Granted, it is an extreme response to the failure of reason.  Given these failures of reason to reduce population or else all the sooner suffer inevitable extinction, abortion of unwanted fetuses is an extreme but necessary measure to which we, as a civilization, have been reduced.  It really is that simple.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Milton Friedman Got It Wrong

Nobel Prize Winning Economist's Disastrous Ideas 
It has taken me a very long time to get to what exactly it was that Milton Friedman was talking about. When you know where these foul ideas of the Repukes come from, it is easier to understand them. Milton Friedman, is the most radical economics thinker since Karl Marx. Like Marx, the ideas look so good on paper. Too bad his work doesn't work in reality on a large scale. Friedman is responsible for the 3 foul ideas which guided the Ronnie Reagan Administration, and which were directly responsible for the huge foul up of the American economy.

Here, in a nutshell, are Friedman's most damaging and ineffective ideas:

  • First, All government is too large.
  • Maximize profit in any way you want. (Even if it means selling defective product.  Not to worry, the law prohibits the public from paying for your defective product with a defective check.)
  • De-regulate De-regulate De-regulate
I do have to agree with Friedman on one thing:  Namely, the legalizing of all drugs.  However, like so many others, I got there all by myself, without help from Friedman.