Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why Clock Has Run Out For Obama As "The Good Guy"

Don't get me wrong.  I voted for President Obama not once but twice.  He was so anti-Romney and Romney was never a possibility as far as I am concerned.  He leaned over backward to establish himself as a member of the elite.  The traitorous 1%.

He promised to dismantle PBS for Chrissakes.

That may have been the remark which finally tore it among voters.  Single parent moms, still on the fence, no longer able to sit their child in front of the tube to watch Sesame Street, would have heard that and run over to Democratic Headquarters to work the phone banks on behalf of Obama. Something they never would have done before that remark.

But now...

Obama has done nothing in this term to suggest that he is a free and independent agent, and not a puppet of the Fascist MIC (Military Industrial Complex) warmongers and war profiteers, among other giant corporations, GE, maker of weapons;  Haliburton, always waiting in the wings to slurp up those multi-billion dollar no-bid contracts, and then deliver a toxic or near toxic and dramatically inferior product to our boys on the front lines.  Lockheed;  Boeing;  Bechtel; it is a long ugly list and they all appear to have Barry in their collective back pocket.

The Drone assassination policy is beneath contempt.  It moves the president into the category of War Criminal.  ( "If the president does it it is not a crime."  Richard Millhouse Nixon) Actually it is a crime and Nixon was forced to resign for crimes which now look like patty-cake compared to the nasty shit BushBama has been up to.

The NSA AND FBI revelations of the past several months --- and really going back to the Bush Administration are going to need serious public conversation.  And that conversation, given that we are allowed to have it, may lead to the total dismantling of the Federal Government.  And it may end up with the voting citizens of the US having to write a new Constitutional Amendment, protecting citizen privacy, or else we toss the whole maghilla and start over from scratch   We can thank the Bush-wipes for initiating the process of shredding of Constitutionally guaranteed civil Rights.  But then too we need to throw out several traitorous members of the Supreme Court, as well:  Starting with Antonin Scalia, moving on (and downward) to Clarence "Ding-Dong" Thomas, but not forgetting Alito.  These men have consistently erred in their judgment and decisions.  And these were not merely simple-minded errors or lapses.

They show a consistent trend of sympathy toward dark fascist forces embodied in the current crop of Corporations who have committed the treason of buying off the United States Congress, and apparently --- the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court, and now there is little doubt, the presidency.

This last is truly crushing.  We seemed to have a friend on the side of reason, intelligence and up-rightness.  But we forgot something huge:

Obama's background as a racketeer in Chicago.

When his buddy-buddy bromance with Rahm Emmanuel, now, mayor of Chicago, threatened to be exposed, he cast off Rahm like a soiled pair of shorts.  There was an expose of their exploits on the Internet oh, about 3 years ago.  It isn't there now.  But it cast serious shadow on their adventures at a certain gay bath house.  And let us not get into how corrupt the politics of Chicago is, historically.  Suffice it to say that the office of mayor under Rahm is a touch and go affair.  Even given the scalding corruption of Chicago's City Hall, the voters in that city deem Rahm one of the worst mayors ever.

Yet knowing all of this I voted for Obama again.  I don't care if the two of them fucking lived in bath houses.  I care only about the welfare of this country.  And the gay/str8 duality or polarity has no bearing in foreign policy. Or domestic policy at that.  In fact, I would welcome a gay president with open arms.

But it seems a very difficult battle.  Here is a quote from Bill Moyers blog:

Simply put there are huge corporate forces with a vested financial interest in making sure the debate over security is tilted toward the surveillance state and against critics of that surveillance state.  In practice that means when those corporations spend big money on campaign contributions, they aren't just buying votes for a particular contract.  They are also implicitly buying those politicians rhetoric to push the discourse in a pro-surveillance, anti-civil liberties direction -- that is, in a direction that preserves the larger political assumptions on which the profits of the entire surveillance-industrial complex are based.
The overweening success of that pressure is exemplified by the title of yesterday's congressional hearing with the head of the NSA, Gen. Keith Alexander.  The hearing doesn't ask why Alexander lied to Congress or whether the NSA has engaged in illegal acts.  No, a Congress bankrolled by by corporations like Booz, Allen predictably calls the hearing "How disclosed NSA Programs Protect Americans & Why Disclosure Aids Our Adversaries"

The two lies, by now, have assumed the proportions of unspoken assumptions in the national discourse are these:  1. That surveillance by firms such as Booz, 1) protects Americans.  and 2) Ensure that anybody who criticizes that Security State is hurting Americans and Aiding and abetting our enemies.

Thus, it finally becomes clear why politicans have been so vocal making such outrageous statements about Edward Snowden.  Even more than the furor over the expose of the fact that the entire war in Viet Nam was based entirely on lies, by Daniel Ellsburg.  We can begin to understand that the most outspoken of these, Peter King, and John McCain, among many voices, including the Obama White House, the louder more scurrilous the invective, the more deeply that person is indebted to Booz, Allen and their ilk.

Do you see now why it is absolutely imperitive that the Federal government interfere with and ultimately through the classified provisions of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership assume the role of Big Brother.  And please feel free to question why such provisions are so classified!   Even Alan Grayson, who finally twisted enough arms that he was allowed to read through the highly classified documents of the TPP, was sworn to such secrecy that he would go to jail if he divulged a word of what he found.  Suffice it to say, he thought it so anti-public interest that he vowed to fight it all the way, tooth and nail, as is said.

So why is the rest of Amerika so easy to put to sleep.

Where is the fight?