Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abortion Profiteering and Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's refusal to reveal his income taxes, is based on more than the fact that for some years he did not pay a dime.  His base would be fine with that.  Oh, they might not love it, but it would not seriously hurt. It bothers them not one whit that Romney, a trust baby, who began life with millions of dollars, who persecuted gays boys at his elite private school, now evades paying any taxes at all, while you and I are up to our elbows, struggling to pay our mortgages to the pig banks.and the IRS.  No, conservatives like that about Romney. But there is another reason.  A reason that would force his base to weep great salty tears whenever they heard his name.  A reason which, if proven beyond a reasonable doubt, would end his entire campaign overnight.  And his campaign people are running as fast as they can to put out the little fires that would blow this into a huge conflagration.

Oh, the flat-out mutha-lovin' hypocrisy!

This is good!

Really good.

Ever hear of a company called Stericycle?

Stericycle is a medical waste clean up company.  As in cleaning up after an abortion.  Abortion?  Yes.


Mitt Romney and company have tried their damnedest to distance themselves from Stericycle.  They have tried to claim that Mr. Romney was no longer associated with Bain Capital Equity Group at the time that Bain owned controlling shares of Stericycle.  But they can't make it stick. Mother Jones sent a request to the SEC for copies of original documents tracing the ownership of Stericycle to Bain throughout the very years Romney's people are trying to claim he just wasn't there.

Those claims turn out to be just another bald faced lie, of which there have been far too many lately.  So let's just clear the air:  A vote for Romney is a vote, not for Pro-Life issues, and not even for abortion.  

A vote for Romney/Ryan is a vote for abortion profiteering.  Let me say that again.

Abortion Profiteering / Mitt Romney!

Romney made millions upon millions on Stericycle.  How could he not?  They have more than 475, 000 accounts.  Now the next question is this: Why the Republican owned media has fumbled the ball on this issue? Not so much as a a peep from the New York Times.  Not a hint or a clue from the Gannett owned Statesman Journal here in Salem, OR, the Capital city of the great state of Oregon.  Nada from the conservatively owned Oregonian in liberal Portland.   Not entirely Zero but close.