Monday, July 5, 2010

Senate Republicans Block For BP

Sure, you voted for that handsome, suave looking Republican gentleman, no longer as young in person as his picture on the poster is. But you don't really notice things like that. He is such a nice man. And once gain he sweet talked you into voting for him for Senator. And by golly, he won and went off to DC to join his buddies in the Senate. And every now and then you call his office to say hello and let him know what is on your mind. His aides, who answer the phones, all welcome you warmly and tell you they will pass on your concerns and you all hang up feeling ever so much better about the world. And I'll bet you think he is working for you and passing legislation on your behalf. Well, it is time to find out the truth about all that.

First off, he is not working for you and doesn't really give a shit if you care or not. No, my friends, he is really working for the corporate giants, like BP, Exxon, Shell and all the other oil companies.
Just watch this video. Right here in this video is all the reason why no American can be a member of the GOP. After this video you can never again say, "I didn't know." Now you will know.