Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the so-called Nobility of War


On the subject of war: we still have people who think there was something heroic or noble about the war in Viet Nam. How many remember that the Viet Namese war was really about the anxiety of old wealthy, greedy men who simply wanted to make sure that they could sell their rotten goods to a an entire nation of people whom they judged were ripe for the picking. The greedy old men were annoyed that these peasants didn't want to be exploited by a big bully of a Western nation such as the USA. They had already been exploited by France. And Ho Chi Minh was showing them that they did not need to endure more subjugation from the Capitalists.

The rationale was similar and the capitalist elite was of the same ilk for exploiting the oil fields of Iraq. The greedy, ugly, old men had no problem, not of morality or of conscience, as they never do, sending young American boys and girls to murder women and children, simply so that the feeble and corrupt old men could get their hands on the oil reserves and gain absolute control of it. Then, without a quantum of irony, nor of humor, George Bush called it a noble war.

Once, on an AOL message board, I wrote a post which talked about how my parents taught me that war profiteers were the lowest scum on earth. I did not add that in my reading, and my study of painting, sculpture, and the performing arts, in short, all of the best minds ever to appear on the planet had said precisely the same thing.

But wouldn't you know, some trailer trash conservative cracked open his fourth outa-work-brewskie for the morning and marked my post with one star out of five. This is what we are really fighting. The greedy old men have their supporters. And it isn't as if the red-necks don't know that they are merely being used by the elites. They deem it an honor to be of service to the rich and powerful. A relationship somewhat akin to the way physicians now use leeches and maggots. Under certain circumstances useful, perhaps, but with no love lost.

This full length video shows much more than I can say, of how the horrors of war work for the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons, and yes, Barrack Obama, and all the other members of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations; in other words, the power elite.

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