Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Repeal?

*     *     *

As it turns out, the Health Care Insurance plan signed into being by then-Republican Governor Mitt Romney, is a winner.  More than 98% of the Massachusetts population is now insured.  That's a very impressive number however you cut it.  And the percentage of children now fully covered is even higher.

Without raising taxes.

So why is it that Congress gave us a lame, corrupt version of a health care reform package which was, in fact, written by the insurance lobbyists?  What a question!  How ungrateful.

Let us begin our inquiry by giving the loudest and ugliest raspberry imaginable, to the Republican Party for their unerring sense of how to fuck-over the American people.  The GOP's hysteria that "Obama Care", as the conservative word-smiths insultingly named it and framed it, (so why haven't the Democrats come up with a way to frame it so it can't be used as a weapon?) would turn our Democracy into a monument to Karl Marx, is totally unfounded.  We knew the GOP leadership were scum buckets, liars and crooks, but we didn't know just how evil they really are. The only real wonder is that so many Americans have bought into Republican lies.  Republicans are nothing more than goons for money.  They offer Americans nothing but another rip-off on behalf of their corporate bosses.  And screw the voters who put them in power.  And isn't it a scream how very many working people seem to love a well-placed kick in the head?

Just to summarize for anyone who might have missed the festivities last spring and summer, Republicans hated everything about the reform bill. They took a good idea and spun it into a socialistic nightmare. The question is what kind of human being would do this?

Let's see:  it was a way to make Obama look bad.  And their number one priority is to make Obama look like the worst loser of the world.  Otherwise they can kiss the White House goodbye forever. If they allow the Dems to do a single thing to help America the GOP loses big time.

On the score of making President Obama look bad, they have won that game; with a little extra help from Obama, himself.

As things stand now, the Republican Party, the party of total corruption, has a very good chance of winning the White House in 2012.  And once they win, we can kiss any Health Care Reform, corrupt or not,  goodbye.