Saturday, March 22, 2014

Colin Powell's Party

Colin Powell's candid statement exposing the blatant racism of the Republican party is a bold step forward. Bravo, sir!  Referring to the president as "shuckin' and jivin'" is indeed deeply and perversely racist.  As Powell points out the term is a holdover from the heinous days of slavery.  The slavery economy, the time when an entire country's system was based on white men making money selling other men into so abject a condition that they were valued not as men at all, but as lower than a horse.  A dog had more freedom.

This alone, makes me ashamed of my American background.  I am glad to see that my people arrived in this country from Ireland some time after the Civil War.




Powell is correct.  Racism is indeed, despicable.  And yet while he criticizes the GOP, there is nothing in him which would reject Republicanism.  He cites the fact that his father and grandfather were Republicans.  

So what?

I grew up with a grandmother who hated FDR so badly that one could not bring up the name in her presence without it being noted that you were asking for trouble.  My mother voted for Reagan.  I had a very difficult time forgiving her for that.  Wouldn't even speak to her for several years. 

Not until she lay dying.  

If I could overcome all of that sort of Republicanism then surely Colin Powell, who has achieved so much more in this world than I.  I am a zero.  Powell is a giant.  So what is stopping him from doing the right thing. Namely, walk away from the Republican party.  It isn't what you think it is.  The GOP is now the cradle of more corruption than Powell can imagine.  Dishonorable men, altogether.  Liars, frauds, war mongers and mediocrities.  And proud of it!

Just as I overcame the Roman Catholic Church's indoctrination.  Granted, I still love a great cathedral.  I just don't buy the doctrines, dogma and all the rest of the crap from the Roman Church.  The Inquisition was reason enough for the Church to cease its existence and if it were in any way a decent religion it would have recognized its gross error and walked away from all spiritual claims.  In my view, the Roman Church has just a little too much compassion for itself.    

And as for Republicanism:  Well, let me simply say to Colin Powell, this:: 

"When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas."