Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Edward Snowden, Barak Obama, and the TPP

The Obama White House has confirmed that there will be no pardon for Edward Snowden despite the fact that he did the American people a big favor when he blew the Whistle on the NSA's secret surveillance of the American people.  White House officials are calling his actions unlawful and suggesting that he should come back to this country so they can brand him as a traitor and then murder him.  Just a little vengeance; that's all they want.  Seems awfully unreasonable of Ed boy to not give them their Dog and Pony Show.

Well, in a word --- no.

What the American people see is that Snowden really is a hero no matter how hard the Republicans try to paint him with the "traitor" brush.  No doubt should he return of his own free will, they will dig up many other and far more odious actions from his "past".  It is just the way they operate when they've been caught with their pants down and their hands in the cookie jar.  Look at the legislators who wear the biggest, and ugliest snarls on their public faces.  Most are Republicans.  Lindsay Graham, for one, can't seem to keep his mouth shut about just about everything anyway.  Then there's the ever treacherous Diane Feinstein, who is  ostensibly a Democratic Senator.  What a blessing it would have been for Americans if only Feinstein had been replaced in the last election by her much more liberal opponent.  Indeed, I think of Feinstein as a DINO, (Democrat In Name Only) the Democratic counterpart of the Republican RINO.

Given all of this, our Democratic president should have been, if not ecstatic, then certainly happy to have discovered the top secret programs which the NSA lied about so blatantly.  First, James Clapper lied to the United States Congress during their investigation of said surveillance, saying that there were no such programs; and when it was no longer possible to lie about it, then he lied about how very effective those secret programs which didn't exist really were.  And rather than being punished for lying outright to Congress, which carries a very heavy punishment and is properly called contempt, he's been kicked upstairs, instead, to a more responsible position, which, by the by, gives him total oversight of the secret federal agencies, such as the NSA, CIA, and the FBI, and more.

How do we know this?

Because we know that President Obama has promised him that position of Surveillance of the American People Czar.

Now, we arrive at the bigger questions; namely,

why did Obama make such a promise to Clapper.

And why does the president and the Congressional Republicans want to wreak vengeance on such a little guy by the name of Edward Snowden?

Could it be that they are, collectively, the traitors to We, The People of these United States?  Could it be, unthinkable as it sounds on the surface, the very traitor which they accuse him of being?

And how does the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership enter into this?

There will be more of this essay soon.