Saturday, November 23, 2013

T he interesting thing to me about the latest move by Senate Dems in using the "Nuclear Option" is the pundits reaction.  Dana Milbank's column today is "Yes, but...yes, but" all over the place.  Milbank acknowledges the Republican atrocities but can't quite forgive the Dems going all the way to changing the rules.

There is an old but notorious joke which my brother brought back from Mississippi's U of M where he went to school.  Seems there's a little black man minding his own business and a bunch of white crackers come along and begin to harass him.   Finding he does not respond to their abuse, they challenge him to a fight. After some time he finally agrees, very quietly, to fight against their champion who turns out to be twice his size.  They bet big money on their guy and against the small black guy.  The crackers are smiling wide as the white bully advances.  But the black man lashes out and with one punch knocks the big guy clean out.  He turns to the white men and asks for his winnings.  But the crackers yell, "No, no, that wasn't enough. We really meant two out of three times." and stuff like that.

This second match they tie the black man's hands behind his back and then sound the bell.  As the giant approaches, the black man, left with only one defense, kicks the giant in the cajones and the guy falls to the ground convulsing.  The black man hops over to the white crackers and asks for his winnings; but once again the whiteys scream and yell and demand one more fight.

This time they bury the black man in the ground up to his neck and pack the ground tight.  Then instead of a white man they release 6 mad dogs to run at the black man's head.  But as the dogs run up to him he somehow is able to bite each of the dogs' testicles clean off and all of the dogs whimper and die.  But the white men keep their distance and shake their fists, yelling, "Fight Fair, Niggah!"

If you guessed that the white crackers represent the Republicans you would be getting my meaning..