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Friday, May 15, 2015

German Bankers and The Greek People R US

ight wingers bite their nails these days.  If they do not bite their nails they are not at all aware of the reality of the fragility of their position.  But most do know they are in trouble.  That is why the Koch brothers are now spending billions on the 2016 elections.

They are afraid for their very lives.

They fear the mainstream of the voting public will do what the Greek people did.  The Greeks nationalized the wealth of the elites in order to pay off the German banks.

For their part, the Germans of course want the Greeks under their thumb.  They want the Greek people to live in AUSTERITY because that is the kind of harsh, limited and oppressed existence German bankers think everybody ought to live in.  Except themselves, of course.  German bankers sincerely believe that they and they alone should live in unspeakable luxury while the rest of the world lives on its knees.

So we can see that Angela Merkel and many of her German people actually learned nothing of humanity or charity, or even decency as a result of losing WWII.   Hitler's corrupt Nazi dreams of Aryans ruling the world still survive under the surface of order and humility.  If ever the will of a people were encapsulated in a metaphor, the German bankers are that metaphor.  Despite the fact that in 1953 Germany begged and howled that they could not pay their debts and the Allies would have to cut the debt by 50% and more, which the Allies did;  they now have the audacity to turn around and say to the Greek people that no quarter will be given and this debt must be paid in full.  And schnell!

That is a Hell of a lot of audacity!  That is not mere AUDACITY!  That is a form of Tyranny.

Tyranny is that form of government which seeks to control everything everyone does, says or even thinks.

Tyranny is that which must be destroyed.  And historically -- tyrants are losers.

The Greeks are smart.

Especially given that, in 1953, the Germans were heavily in debt for WWII on which they spent very heavily and still they lost.  They owed huge amounts to France, Russia and the USA.  And this is the part where Germany shows how ugly it truly is -- even today:  But the problem is not necessarily even the bankers.  It is the capitalist system.  Though capitalism is now on the wane.  Capitalism is worn out.


My own political system of choice is Democratic Socialism.  Socialism is the corrective for the excesses of capitalism.  The medicine, if you will.

I will close with an insight I found on the Internet:

A criminal is a person with predatory instincts 
but without the funds to form a corporation.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Swing Of The Pendulum

For more than 3 decades the corporations have held the workers in their thrall; demanding that they work overtime without commensurate pay; often without pay at all; insisting that they come in on Saturdays and often, Sundays.  Workers have responded with all the timidity of slaves eager to please their masters.  Anything to keep their jobs from going overseas.  And all too frequently the jobs went off to Asia or to privatized prisons anyway.

But every era comes to an end -- even as its antithesis begins.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered that the universe obeys certain laws: According to his Third Law of Motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Every pendulum swings both ways -- and the greater the arc it describes in one direction the harder and farther it will go in the other.

This is not just my opinion.

It's a law of physics.

Physics is a verifiable way of describing how the Universe works.  One thing you'll notice about the Laws of the Universe is that most of the laws work from the most gigantic events, the macroscopic level -- all the way down to the microscopic level.  Even vast galaxies will obey these laws; and so it goes all the way down to the smallest atom within your being.  Alchemists knew this principle in these words:

As above, so below.

Once the iron ball of fate begins to slow in one direction and starts its fall back to center and beyond -- nothing in this world short of an act of God, or the Universe itself, or war, can stop it or even slow it down.  Quite the contrary, it begins to gather force slowly and then accelerates, going even farther than it has ever gone.

Mathematically, it looks like this:  F = mv 

And if we go beyond the Newtonian Clockwork Universe, to the Einsteinian Universe, we find other Laws at work.  For example, we discover Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty, whereby it seems that matter itself acts one way when we observe it, and quite another when we look away.

*    *    *

So what we have now is gross corruption in the Executive branch, a president who sold his soul to Wall Street and they have come to collect.  The Legislative branch: both houses of Congress who despite the shrillness of the American people's protests have voted to FAST TRACK the worst piece of trade agreement ever conceived in the mind of man. Finally, there is malfeasance and misconduct, in the courts of the Justice system from the highest court in the land down to the lowest.  The Department Of Justice is now so corrupt that murderers walk free; and people are sent up the river to do hard time for smoking a weed.  A weed which many cultures, especially indigenous cultures, have valued over millennia for its recreational and medicinal properties. Indeed the courts have reached so abysmal a mockery of Justice that they have begun to send people to jail for no other thing than being poor.

You can go to jail for speaking truth.

*    *    *

But the pendulum has begun to reverse, inexorably, its direction.  Who knows what the global cultures will look like in say, twenty years.  But we do know that the plutocrats and the oligarchic families will no longer be in charge.  The rich will be on the run in ways which cannot even be imagined now.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Republican Congress

In laying out their plan to slash funding for worthy social programs, i. e. programs which are deemed by the majority of responsible persons, most importantly by persons expert in the Social Sciences, to be of immeasurable benefit to society,  the Republicans in Congress have once again torn the pact between government and the governed.  The Social Contract.  This means they recognize only the authority of the monied.  Unfortunately, the people of America will not fight back because although they are not all as extreme in their weakness of mind, they nevertheless to worship at the alter of Authoritarianism nearly as much as the mentally incapable Republican leadership.

What is odd is that when you question authority you find that it cannot offer convincing argument to justify its existence.  Other than that Authority justifies its existence by saying because "this is the way that it is."  Or else because it has always been this way, and you need somebody to boss you around.  Because man is inherently bad and you need somebody to keep you on the straight and narrow.

This is, of course, pure hogwash.

Of course, the GOP consists of nothing but Submissive Authoritarians.  That to a large extent explains the inordinate popularity of such pieces of crap as Atlas Shrugged, with its cardboard characters who live one dimensional lives, and happens to be one of the worst piece of literary garbage ever written.  The author, Ayn Rand, was an authoritarian of huge proportions. Nor did she live by the principles she herself espoused. After complaining about the collective, trashing any gathering of persons   Submissives are easy to discern as they tend always to fight tooth and nail against any perceived criticism of their near-deified authoritarian boss.  And the other gem, 50 Shades of Gray.  The value of Fifty Shades book is how clearly it shows how all politics begins in the bedroom.  It also explains the enchantment of the right with George W. Bush.  They worshiped ol' lonesome George W.  The reason for the hyper-worshipful attitudes of millions of right wingnuts, of George W Bush was that he is not a true Submissive Authoritarian.  He is what the Submissives spend a lifetime searching for:  A Dominant or Dom, to use the language of the Submissive, or as we know them, the Mind Slaves.  These are people who cannot exist without serving a master, the more brutal, the more worshipful.

This perverted mindset begins with the abuse of children.  Usually by parents -- to start with -- the perfect example being the members of The Westboro Baptist Church.  Records clearly show that the children were hideously beaten most often with a leather strap by their own father.  And the beatings began at an early age and continued into later teen years.  while I would not suggest that all authoritarians are survivors of childhood abuse, I would say that a majority of them are.    

But what we are talking about is utter abandonment of the Republicans of caring for the welfare of the people.  This reckless abandonment began decades ago.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Q and A

Andy Warhol began by asking himself: "What do I want?"  The answer was money.  He made a painting of dollar bills.  He gave us a new perception of reality, or, I should say, apparent reality.  Andy made money hand over fist.  Buckets of money.

ANDY once asked me to star in his movie.

I said No.  I knew that I was not ready.

I ask myself, "What do I want?"  Of course I want money.  But Warhol was the first to make the quest for money into art.

I want so much more than mere money.

I want to know "Who Am I?"

And of course the answer is contained in the question:


I am the pack of cigarettes on the desk before me.  I am the computer.  I am the veils lifting from my consciousness.  I am the brilliance beyond.the void.  I am the silence of the void.

I AM the question.

I AM the answer.

I am the light. I am the dark.

I AM not kidding.

I AM speechless.

I AM the silence.

I AM the Song.

I AM the breath.

I AM everything that is not.

I AM the beginning of the universe.

I AM the end of the universe.




Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Xmas Wish

The party that won did not really win, except through deceit.  Yet the the pundits keep chastising the GOP as if they were a beloved family member who simply erred but as soon as they see the light all will be well.

I beg to differ.

The GOP has erred too many times to the detriment of humanity.  Over and over they believe they have outsmarted the rest of us.  This time gerrymandering, vote suppressing and the like, cannot go unnoticed. Like recalcitrant cons, they cannot be taken back in.  Not without damage to not only humanity, and the rest of the species on earth.

They are poison to the planet as a whole.

The Democrats are not much better but they win by a tiny margin.

Climate Change, no let's call it what it is: Global Warming, is all the fault of the profiteering establishment. They are holding my family -- my loved ones hostage.  And even if we give in to their obscene demands we still lose just by having such monsters around.  What are their demands?  Cutting taxes for the rich.  And raising taxes on the poor, instead.  And they ask us to believe their balderdash that Trickle down economics might actually work.  It has never worked.  And it never will.

They demand that we not take care of the poor either financially or through health programs.  Paul Ryan wants to give old people $1,500 dollar vouchers to take care of all their health problems.  And that includes dental.

Paul Ryan needs to be guillotined.  His rotten head severed from his body.  Same with Mitch McConnell.  And John Boner, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Phil Gramm, the list is long but those are on the short list.

Conservatives should be gotten rid of altogether.

Removed from the planet.

They are not simply sweet people who made a series of blunders.  They are absolutely certain they are right.
Convinced that their way is the only way.

Well, no more.

I would like them all shot.  Or better yet -- their heads lopped off.

There is a psychological principle, known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, that says that really stupid, offensive people inevitably overestimate their skill level.  They give themselves away owing to the character flaw of being louder than the rest of us.  They tend to be lewd, crude and ridiculous.  Along with being resolutely obstinate due to the fact that they believe themselves to be a hundred percent right about their position.  As a corollary, gifted people, people with something real to offer, tend to be uncertain, equivocal, full of doubt, quiet about their achievements, truly modest folk.  They truly feel that what they can so easily do is merely something which anybody can do.  

Thus we can see who is not needed in civilization.  The loud ones; those who are absolutely certain of their position however foul it may be in the eyes of the intelligent, are the ones who need to be removed immediately.

Those who most crave positions of power, for example, are the very people who must not ever be allowed to be near such position of power.  The same with money.  Take the bankers out behind the barn and shoot them.  The greater the love of money the sooner they get shot.

But take them back.  No, I don't think so.  It's too late for that.

I am not proposing WAR!

What I am proposing is that a very quiet underground, loosely connected, plan carefully, and simply kill certain offenders off.  And all on the same night.  Then they all go to the airports to get on private planes and be flown to a lovely beach somewhere to live happily ever after.

And yet even as I write this I begin to understand that these tiresome noisy folk are merely the stooges for something far more sinister and destructive: The men and women who are truly evil.  The Satanists, the Illuminati, who tiptoe behind the scenes -- pushing and pulling; eagerly buying off this senator and that congressman.

We must organize.

We must make lists.

Who do we kill off first?

I must stop here.  After all.  This is just a revenge fantasy.  

But if Jesus really loved me... hmm...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Putting the Banksters Where They Belong

Why are banks involved in higher education?

In a civilized society the Federal Government's job understood properly, ought to be making higher education tuition-free for anyone who wishes to avail themselves. Banks need to stick to their job as footmen in the Temples of the Money-Worshipping Satanic Droids which all they are.

Who is there, still, who believes that banksters are models of virtue?


And looking back through the ages, who, among the wise has ever recommended the pursuit of money?

Not a one!

Given the dearth of arguments recommending banking and banksters, how is it that the Wall Streeters have earned such enormous respect in the world.  After all, they dirty their hands with filthy money.  Indeed, their spiritual hands are dirtier than someone who digs ditches.  As it turns out, some of the most ardent proponents against legalizing marijuana are the banksters.  And why?  Because they enjoy laundering the immense wealth of the criminal drug cartels.  The ones who drive tanks through the streets of Mexico simply to demonstrate their lawlessness, and their power, and their uncompromising ruthlessness.  So it turns out that the banks are even more ruthless than the cartels.

An article in last Saturday's New York Times about how the banksters have overreached so far, so egregiously far, into our lives that I raced to the computer to see if I could convey the rage flowing through my body and mind.  The sheer injustice of banksters in collusion with Congress, and other criminals in the temples of the money changers exceeds anything humanity has thus far witnessed.    

Their lobbyists have outdone themselves.

In brief, a seventy-two year old womana took out a student loan back in 1970.  She didn't finish paying off the loan. But that is neither here nor there.  She is not cavalier about it.  Depression, alcoholism and bad luck set in. She has made attempts to pay it off.  But by now, the amount has ballooned from the $3, 400 of the original amount to more than $15,000.

She despairs of ever paying off this debt.

When she received her first SSI check in the mail she saw that one fifth of the check was missing.  A phone call to SSI revealed that the banks had lobbied long and hard so that literally nothing but death would stand in the way of repayment of a Student Loan. Personally, I believe that nothing but death should stand in the way of the banksters going to jail.  And Jamie Dimon being one of the first to go.

My thought is that the banks need, in the first place, to go to jail for what they have done to this country. And as yet not a single one has even come to trial.  Nor even a hint of a trial.  And if anybody should happen to mention that nasty little fact, they are met with faces twisted into expressions usually reserved for questions like "...why is the earth so far from the sun."

But the real issue is this:

Why is it, when with so many rip-off diploma mills, -- oh, excuse me -- they are now advertising themselves as "for-profit universities", shoveling, as they currently do, Federally subsidised tuition grants onto their plates and offering next to nothing in the way of education, that the Obama administration has not stepped up to create a program to forgive such loans in older retiree's, and to take on the banksters -- and make all higher education tuition-free?

There is the horrific story of women who thought they were working toward acquiring nursing degrees, but the only hospital they were able to visit courtesy of their online for-profit "university" was a Psychiatry Museum which belonged to the Church of Scientology. Some years ago I knew a man who was paid by The Church of Scientology to write in the dust on city buses, with his finger, this phrase:

"Psychiatry kills."  Some Museum.

Too many seeking to better themselves through higher ed are being robbed by the banks and the craven bureaucrats of the federal government allow it.  Why are the money-worshippers allowed this?

Let me tell you why:  they've studied the techniques of the old Mafia gangsters.  In fact, the old Mafia bosses would have blushed at the percentages of interest the banksters now charge for student loans.  But here is the part which made me see red:  banks may steal people's Social Security Insurance payments.

To be continued.  

Hey, America! Tear Down the FCC

Here is the real upshot of teaching children to obey authority:  They get to be adults and find they cannot figure their way out of a sandbox.  Case in point:  Tom Wheeler, the director of the FCC, is leaning heavily toward giving Comcast the best blowjob they have ever enjoyed.  Old Tom seems to be licking his lips despite what more than 3-4 million American citizens are shouting in his ear.

But so far the only thing all these people can think to do is yell a little louder!


The real solution is to demand that he lose his job.  Dismantle the Federal Communications Commission.  If a bureaucratic office no longer serves the needs of the people it is designed to serve, let's have a hanging.  Put old Tom on the hot seat and ask him why he chooses not to listen to the people he was hired to listen to.  But then Congress seems no longer disposed to ask such questions of the sock puppets of big business.


The American people know the answer but are hugely reluctant to face up to the real consequences of their timidity.

Tom Wheeler if not yet on the take is certainly drooling to taste his first real big fat dick.

Does anybody not yet know that The Congress of the United States of America is on the take.


So Congress wishes people like Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren, and a handful of others, would dry up and blow away.  Lacking that, Karl "Nazi" Rove and the Billionaires, (sounds like a rock band, doesn't it) want to knock them out of the water with money.  Flooding the TV screens with their noxious commercials.

If you want Net Neutrality, don't just shout in Tom Wheeler's ear: dismantle the entire FCC!  Then put it back together the way you want it.

After all, this is a Democracy, isn't it?

Isn't it?