Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ajit Pai/ the FCC's Failure

It comes as an odd bit of news that the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission,  whose job it is to watch over all radio, TV, and now,  the Internet that that agency has handed over to commercial interests the absolute possession of the Internet.  It was decided long ago, that the air waves, radio and TV all belonged to the people of America.  The FCC would not own these, but would look after them and hold them in trust for the American people.

We did not know that true evil would come to -- not merely rest, but fully take up residence in the Halls of American Democracy.  We could not imagine it.  We might disagree with the point of view of this president or that politician but we always assumed that they were honorable men.  It would be a mistake to assume honor in such men as these, now.  They spit on such antiquated notions as honor.

If I were to spell it out, the Internet does not belong to the FCC, rather, the agency only holds the Internet in trust.  So when did the FCC acquire ownership!  Perhaps a fine legal point but not so fine that we are prevented from  firing the diminutive agency head, Agit Pai.  He has failed the American people in his job, which is to protect that which we own.

Why has nobody else come forward to destroy Agit Pai's wrong action.  Throw him the fuck out!  And all his ultra-conservative buddies at the same time.   

Villainy Afoot

The villainy of the conservative mindset, and the conservatism of villainy, is on display right now.  From Trump to the people who almost voted Roy Moore back into Congress, (aka Christians) we are watching the turn around from swampish darkness into the light of a fair and truthful, desperate-for-Justice, American voter.  The election of Doug Jones is the first metaphorical sign that Americans are beginning to awaken from their Trump besotted slumber.

For that very reason, the ever villainous Mitch McConnell and his partner in crime, Paul Ryan, are prodding their colleagues in Congress to move faster in voting for the worst Tax "Reform" program ever to see the light of day.  Their success will spell the undoing of America.

Needless to say, the criminality of mindset, does not begin with old Mitch.  No, no, no, it begins with the billionaires;  the ones who actually pay the salary of the Republican Congress's action.  The Koch brothers are the treasonous power behind most, if not all the criminality.  The Heritage Foundation merely a tool to promote their war on good, honest American values.

This Congress wants to take away your health care, although as far as their very own health care plan as Congressmen goes, it's the best healthcare plan ever.  And after taking yours away, ask any one of them if they would care to have someone remove theirs and they would scream bloody murder.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Liar, Trump

In the year 2016, Donald Trump conducted one of the most vile presidential campaigns in American History.  His supporters adored him for precisely that.  The filthier he got, the louder they cheered. Given his first month in office, it becomes very clear to those of us who value truth that he intends to establish and rule over a tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship.

This also tickles his worshipers.

Observe the loving reaction of the Conservative audience at CPAC.

Let us note at the outset, that Trump, by his own definition, is a sexual deviant. A pervert, really.  And if there were any justice in America, he would be locked up in the most terrible prison and the key thrown away.  And like his fellow perverts, to be found among the torturers whom Obama was too foolish to jail,  The Donald is ready to let his insanity come out to play.  

to be continued...

Monday, November 30, 2015

Why There Is No Longer A Choice

The American People must wake up and revolt against their own government or lose their country altogether.  And it must be soon.  The government agencies are set against the people.  The recent murders by police of American citizens, black and people of color, and white, have told us what is on their agenda.  A police state is what is already happening.  The authoritarians will tell you that if you don't immediately obey a police officer then you must be a bad person worthy only to be shot to the death.  This is a supreme violation of our United States Constitution.  Then the jury members who are carefully selected by the prosecutors for their extreme conservative mindset can be counted on to return a "Not Guilty" verdict.  So the justice system is another system which is constantly used in the South and Texas, against us; and now it becomes clear that our courts are easily rigged -- so we no longer have a fair and honest court system.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The New Police Vow

This Sacred Vow is to be repeated in unison by each and every police officer of every single police department in the United States of America and to be repeated 3 times in succession before every session of muster, and before every single training session, at each and every Police Academy every single day, or night, as the first order of business at muster, to be spoken aloud with hands over hearts the following vow:

I, _______(name) do solemnly vow to protect all the citizens of the world, but in particular, those who dwell in America.  I fully recognize to the depth of my immortal soul, the source of all light in the world, and before the One God, whom I adore, that each and every life, whether rich or poor, and of whatever color, gender, or age, is more precious to me than my own life.  (Speak the following with right hand folded in a fist to quietly, but firmly, beat the heart with the fist 3 times).  I will kill myself before I allow the least harm to come to any being within my ken and/or within my power to so protect.  Whatever pain I see before me I will take upon myself that the other may be healed -- whether the pain is of the body or the spirit, or the heart, of any being here and now, I vow to heal it. 

If I should fail through importunate circumstance, I will immediately submit to a Citizen Review (to be completed within the 24 hour span.)  If my offense is deemed a willful dereliction of the least part of this sworn duty, I solemnly vow here and now, by the light of the God whom I love and who is all goodness and loving -- to punish myself under the watchful public eye of a News Camera to be broadcast on the local Nightly News show.

The process of this punishment to be as follows:  One bullet placed in an empty chamber of an official firing weapon; all other chambers being empty; then to spin the barrel vigorously, with full strength of the hand, for the the first offence --then to pull the trigger while aiming the weapon at my own foot.  Whichever foot is healthiest.  Should there be a second offense -- I will aim at my own kneecap.  And after a third, if there can be such a thing, at the temple of my head.

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Police State

The question is not whether we will have a police state but rather how do we go about dismantling the police state we now have got. I thought this was a fairly radical position and would be a fire breathing sort of blog post.  But it seems I am a step or two behind.  It was easy to find videos on YouTube to support my thesis.

This one, for example, puts it out there in simple language and orderly reasoning. And this fellow made this video in 2012.  Indeed we are boiling frogs!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Everybody Loses With TPP

ow that corporations have defined their long term goals, we are all in trouble.  The simple reason being that corporations want to dominate all governments everywhere.  That is, Capitalism has always wanted to dominate the world and can't exist or co-exist with Communism or even Socialism.  It is like rabid dogs they will not stop.  Especially now that they can sniff victory in the air what with Obama pushing hard for its passage and insisting that nobody read what is in it until it has passed Congress.  We know that none of it does Americans any good.  Indeed, the substance of the TPP seems to be Wiener Take All!

They foresee a world where corporations, like say, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Dupont, GE, Halliburton, you name any corporation whatever size  -- they can sue your local state county or city or neighborhood laws or even rules.  They will have absolute power.  The Corporations now seek to dominate world government forever with nary a word of dissent because after all the treaty calls for corporations to sue any government that they deem impeding in any way, their profit or even their potential profit.

This is a masterbatory fantasy cooked up either in ALEC or in a backroom somewhere.  I almost wrote a "Back Alley" somewhere, as it has that low, brutish sort of mentality behind it.

And the scary thing is, as I say, now that they know what they really want, and verbalized it, put it into a treaty,  they will never quit trying to insert their greed based manipulations, wishes and deadly desires into every bill that comes into Congress.

*   *   *

So my question is why is Obama pushing this?  Why is he persecuting Elizabeth Warren when she tries to talk some sense into him?

Why has Barack Obama become a treasonous president ready to deliver America to the corporate thugs?  Either there is a lot of money behind it for him, or else they have promised that if it does not pass he along with his wife and children will be assassinated.  Oh, yes!  That is the way capitalism works.  The corporations really are that vile.  Look at Comcast, for example.

 I voted for Obama.


I am more disappointed than I can say.  I hated the Tea Party for their unreasoning hatred of Obama.  I thought they were wrong.

They were right!

Barry you're a liar and a fraud.

Here are 2 good, quick discussions on video by people who know what they are talking about.