Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Military's Humiliation: Railroading Bradley Manning

A Kangaroo Court is a "mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted."  It is essentially where the defendant has already been deemed guilty and has little if any opportunities to object or defend himself. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  

For a definitive demonstration of how corrupt our government has become, along with the NSA's data collecting of private citizen's communications, NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act) and the equally infamous PPT (Pacific Partnership Treaty), we need only to view the "trial" of Bradley Manning.  The military has always been famous for its affinity for kangaroo court style of justice.  But in this trial with the entire world watching, the military seems downright proud of its stupidities, its mandacity, or lack of truth, and its perversion of real justice.

Whereas in real life anyone in a position of power would be embarrassed to allow it known how truly similar its court, lawyers and especially the judge is to Killer Klowns, the Manning trial officials strut their nonsense with aplomb.  As if they were genuine human beings instead of the pigs they actually more truly resemble.

The fact that Manning may have set off an unstoppable series of events in which Honest to Buddha's truth has come to be known to the American people instead of the entire multi-layered tapestries of lies we've become accustomed to.  In our blithe naive way.

After all, the public has been groomed to lay down and roll over by the corporations.  The fact that they might stand up and begin to demand change is threatening to our government.  And NO! The president is not our friend.  Barry is little more than the delivery boy for the corporate state.  When Monsanto et al says jump, he wants to know "How high?"  So naturally they hate whistleblowers.

But what they forgot is that Everything Changes --- all the time.  Especially when your aim is Profit at the expense of humanity, the planet earth, Truth, Decency, and the entire Universe.

I am here to tell you, if you didn't know, whatever happens to Bradley Manning, he is a hero to us all.  And to the corporate state.  And the military courts.  They will ultimately have to look at them selves in the mirror of history.  Let us hope that they care to see beauty and freedom and Justice.  And not rejoice at the sight of themselves as the envoys of the animal kingdom.