Saturday, January 16, 2010

Political Evangelical Christians Are the Death Cult They Fear

In their undying hatred of Gays, self-identified Christians, especially Evangelicals and Four-Square Church people, not to forget the narrow-minded Roman Catholics, and even more conservative Episcopalians, have become true monsters, demons actually, who promote the death of gay people. All of whom either actually live in the past or wish in vain to recapture a time which now looks to be golden. Typically, these folks will point to the Old-Testament writers; in particular, The Book of Leviticus, to justify their extreme prejudices. But observe what they do: cherry pick the Bible. First, let us remember that Christ taught his disciples a New Commandment, that they should love one another, "even," he said, to underline his point, "as I have loved you," and let us put Leviticus in proper context. Leviticus was not a teacher, but merely someone who codified orthodox morality for a barbaric desert culture. Only a barbaric culture would approve of selling one's daughter into slavery or stoning one's neighbor to death for not properly observing the Sabath.

Here, our wonderful woman, Rachel Maddow, interviews the 2 California lawyers who want to overturn Proposition 8, and argue for same sex marriage as a civil right, constitutionally guaranteed. It should be noted that if anybody can argue this case before the Supreme Court and win, these are the guys.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Year Later

Has Obama Destroyed His Presidency?

Not once did I imagine during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, that it would come to this. I gave Obama every chance.

"It takes time," he said, "to turn the ship of state around."

So we gave him time. But now, listening to these two men, Matt Taibi and Robert Kennedy, both of whom are extremely knowledgeable concerning the political scene, Taibbi writes a powerful column for Rolling Stone Magazine; and Robert Kennedy Jr. who for obvious reasons knows politics from the inside. They both admired Obama from the beginning; voted for him.

Now we are all very disillusioned.

The difficulty really is that during his campaign, Obama took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Wall Street Banksters. Originally, he had promised he would not take money from corporate interests. So the day he entered the oval office he ditched the team of progressives he had around him during his campaign and that's when he invited the conservatives into the Whitehouse. These are the same guys who created the economic disaster in the first place. Geithner needs to be booted out. Bernanke needs to be booted out. The Federal Reserve needs to be dismantled. The solutions they have come up with are the same old crap they've been doing to Main Street the whole time.

Toxic Assets!

Toxic Derivatives!

That is exactly what sank Enron!

And the morons are still trying to make it work by doing what they have always done. And it is only leading us into a deeper depression.

We may never get out of this one. Those jobs are gone forever. You are lucky if you don't work for a corporation. You create your own work. When things slow down you find a way to stir things up again, get the money flowing. The rest of America is going to have to do precisely that. The only new jobs are coming from Green energy. And that is exactly what the progressives have been saying all along. And there will be many more Green Energy jobs. But there needs to be investment. And the banks won't loan money. They just take the 2 hundred billion or so of taxpayer money and then don't give the taxpayer a break. Myself I don't see any way out of this other than to take matters into our own hands and dismantle the old economic Capitalistic system before it dismantles us.

A Sense of Proportion, Please...

Look Where we want You to Look...

U ntil now, in America, it has never been a crime to create and fly an air balloon. Or even to fabricate a story which hurt nobody else.

But now that Richard Heiny has been put through the legal wringer for this non-crime it may become a crime in America, to blow your nose in a napkin.

At the same time, we have an ex-president and VP who are decidedly guilty of hideous crimes against humanity, not to mention treason; and by their own confession they brought America to a new low of moral and ethical standing in the world. And neither Bush nor Cheney have been brought to trial.

What is wrong with this picture?

The World Court in The Hague, The Netherlands, has indicted both Bush and Cheney. They are clearly guilty in the opinion of one of the country's most important trial lawyers: Vincent Bugliosi. Bugliosi is so convinced of their culpability, he wrote a book proving his assertion. And he spoke before Congress explaining his reasoning. And yet for some reason that nobody can figure out, Obama is shielding not only the guilty president and his partners in crime, but the equally guilty and complicit agents of the CIA who obviously took pleasure in torturing suspects at illegal holding centers.

All of this fits perfectly with the idea of mainstream media carefully directing the focus of attention for Americans to keep their eyes on. There is little doubt in my mind that the Sherriff's department which insisted on holding and indicting this innocent man was inspired by some big bucks under the table, from those whose interest it is to keep America focused on non-essentials while the real criminals sneak away.