Saturday, January 16, 2010

Political Evangelical Christians Are the Death Cult They Fear

In their undying hatred of Gays, self-identified Christians, especially Evangelicals and Four-Square Church people, not to forget the narrow-minded Roman Catholics, and even more conservative Episcopalians, have become true monsters, demons actually, who promote the death of gay people. All of whom either actually live in the past or wish in vain to recapture a time which now looks to be golden. Typically, these folks will point to the Old-Testament writers; in particular, The Book of Leviticus, to justify their extreme prejudices. But observe what they do: cherry pick the Bible. First, let us remember that Christ taught his disciples a New Commandment, that they should love one another, "even," he said, to underline his point, "as I have loved you," and let us put Leviticus in proper context. Leviticus was not a teacher, but merely someone who codified orthodox morality for a barbaric desert culture. Only a barbaric culture would approve of selling one's daughter into slavery or stoning one's neighbor to death for not properly observing the Sabath.

Here, our wonderful woman, Rachel Maddow, interviews the 2 California lawyers who want to overturn Proposition 8, and argue for same sex marriage as a civil right, constitutionally guaranteed. It should be noted that if anybody can argue this case before the Supreme Court and win, these are the guys.

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  1. Top notch material. Keep up the good work. It's great to know there are other minds out there capable of thinking for themselves. Spread the news far and wide you crazy dog :)