Sunday, February 21, 2010

How Republicans Tell Truth! Or Not

War Profiteers Are Scummy Thieving Liars!

I am fed up with the system which promotes the making of obscene profit by a small group at the terrible expense of the many. Anybody who still thinks this is fine and good and the way things ought to be needs to spend the rest of their life in jail. It is wrong however you want to look at it. And the Repiglican Congress insisted that the following four and a half minutes of video be cut from this presentation to Congress.

Those Repuke Congressmen are what I laughingly refer to as shit eating cocksuckers. You will notice if you dig through my archive that I do not use such language anywhere else except in describing the new version of Republicans since Reagan. Reagan was the first shit eating cocksucker president in the history of the USA. He was not the last. Actually when I call Reagan a shit eating cocksucker I mean that most Repukes are also SECS. And I mean every syllable of it.

In other words Republicans nowadays, don't tell the TRUTH. They Lie for Profit! I have said from day one that what I like about liberals is that they respect the Truth and what I despise about Neo-con-ish Rethuglicans is that they don't respect the Truth. Anything for profit for the few and screw everybody and everything else.