Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Decline and Fall of The Religious Right and, BTW, America

The religious right has been manipulated and bamboozled for lo, these many years, beginning with Reagan, and continuing up through the most terrible fraud ever perpetrated on the American people: the George W. Bush Follies. Right wing politicians, Karl Rove among them, reached out and played Middle-American religionists like a rhapsody. Then when it was done and the religious conservatives were no longer useful they were unceremoniously dropped. And they were so wrapped up in defending Bush and the war in Iraq, not to mention, torture, that they didn't even notice they had been dropped. Washington Post political pundit, E.J. Dionne feels that the conservative religious have awakened with a sense of having been used, badly, for eight years by right wing politicians. He says they have learned their lesson. Now, Dionne claims they are going back to Jesus, where they ought to have been the whole time.

I doubt it.

Seriously, when the conservative religionists smile with barely hidden attitudes of superior satisfaction at the monstrous action of a murderer who marches into a church whose principles are more accepting, therefore more loving, therefore, more in line with the teachings of Christ than their own, and opens fire on the congregation and the minister, the vengeful reaction of the so-called religious says everything.

"Oh," wrote one of the Evangelical-Republican aligned, "it is just one of God's Warriors doing the Lord's will." I read this on a message board. They display the same hypocrisy, as does Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, in reaction to the outright murder of a compassionate doctor.

Here is an inverted Pentacle.

Observe the inverted stars on the Republican logo, at the top of the page. It was re-designed in the year 2000 to announce the advent of George W. Bush. For those of you for whom this design has little or no significance, please notice that the 3 stars are upside down. The inverted pentacle is an occult demonic symbol which invokes the so-called Goat of Mendes, or Satan, himself.

The religious right has become demonic.

Make no mistake.

Don't waste time thinking this new design might have been casually done. It was not.

This was to let everyone know that as far as the GOP leadership is concerned, Satan is now in the world as never before and the leadership of the Republican party, as deluded worshipers of materialistic manifestation of the universe, are its' high priests and chief adherents.

As a result, the Evangelical movement, indeed much of mainstream American Christianity has lost its' moral compass. Conservative America, once a simple, hard working, modest and self-reliant people, who's search for Truth began and ended with The Bible, now can no longer discern Truth from the lies of politicians. They are still looking for Truth. But now they are not finding it. Not finding it they have become cynical. Cynicism has turned to corruption. And now, although they still look to the Bible and to their own narrow vision of God, and their own Magic Jesus, they have become idolators. They have reverted to the primitive vision of the early books of the Bible which were specifically written for a desert people. Those who are now looking forward to the Rapture, which is based on the seriously mad delirious vision of the End of Days Scenario found in the one book which was most questionable and controversial about whether to include it at all, to begin with.

The Evangelicals have forsaken the core teachings of Jesus. "Ye have heard it said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I say to you now, resist not evil, that if a man smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." Instead, the Christians of today are liable to quote the older saying. I have heard Christians say, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," to justify an attitude for the murder of the abortion clinic doctor. Whereas what Jesus is telling them is that they must not say "An eye for eye..." he says, "...but I say to you now that you resist not evil," If a man takes your coat, give him also your cloak.

Such teachings are too hard.

End of Days Rapture stuff is so much more exciting. Just as Democracy has become too hard. So we have seen an ideological shift from conservatism to fascism.

I challenge anyone reading this to show me, in this litigious culture, anyone who claims to be a Christian, who actually turns the other cheek. No, instead they bring assault weapons to the President's Town Hall meetings. And if they don't actually bring the guns themselves, they cluck their approval. That is what the Nazi Brownshirt did in 1933.

Thus, the religious right is no longer based on the true teachings of Christ.

Simultaneously, and not unrelated to the Evangelical's tragic loss of direction, the Capitalists, the Wall Street stalwarts, the international bankers, allowed themselves to throw off all restraint, and began a greed feed that has still not abated.

From the French 19Th century political scientist, Alexis de Tocqueville's careful analysis of Democracy In America, we have this small but exceedingly important insight: "The people of America are strong because they are good. But should they ever lose that goodness they will fall into corruption and the entire nation will fall."

It is time to acknowledge that the fall of America is close at hand.

Baphomet, the ancient enemy of God, does indeed reward those who invoke him desiring power and wealth. But take note of what happened to Faust. The horned goat is a far cry from the Statue of Liberty."