Sunday, October 17, 2010

If the Tea Baggers, who are mainly funded by the Koch brothers, not to mention the Republican Party, do win in elections throughout the several states so that the GOP really does take back Congress, we will know for sure that the Supreme Court of the United States has truly destroyed Democracy in America.

And for all time.

We know that power once gained will not be willingly returned.  That is an axiom of the politics of power.

With its' disastrously partisan ruling on Citizen's United the Supreme Court has undone, literally hundreds of years of careful legislation which was designed to preserve freedom and Democracy in America.  

Their first treasonous action was to interfere with the presidential election in 2004.  That was, as any good citizen can tell you, a coup d'etat, and most definitely not a valid, nor even constitutional activity of the Supreme Court Of The United States.  They stopped the counting of the legitimate votes in Florida, thereby nullifying the votes of those citizens, but then had the affrontery to appoint George W. Bush. the most destructive president ever of the US Constitution.  He shredded the Constitution in such a way that we still have to repair.
Hidden in the fog of the Military Commissions Act was the cancellation of Posse Comitatus. Now the Citizen's United ruling.  And although President Obama has spoken out against this ruling, for my part I deeply believe that those judges who ruled for it must be impeached and disgraced in every way.  It was not merely a bad ruling, but it is treasonous to the entire spirit of Democracy in America.

Any rational American now knows that the wrong headed Republican ideas have single handedly led to the disaster in which we now find ourselves. The Banksters and Wall Street and the vast army of corporate lobbyists who bought the U.S. Congress. The ghost of Milton Friedman litters our country: Small or limited Government has been the cry of Republicans since Ronald Reagan and what they actually do is expand the government but they do it in ways that accomplish their goals. More military. And trickle down economics which turn out to be a patently invalid theory. Bush cut taxes of the rich and we now have fewer jobs than ever before. They lie outright when they claim that any smallest bit of this mess is President Obama's fault. It is all Bush, Bush, Cheney, and Bush.  This being true, one asks, how could any rational human being vote for a Republican again.

Answer:  Big money can do anything it wants.  We are seeing that played out  everywhere now.  On TV all the expensive attack ads, and on the Internet on the websites of most heretofore liberal forums and message boards such as Alternet.  Anything for a buck.

And for most of the elite, the U.S. Constitution is in their way.  They want it all.  And none for you.  You are nothing but a wage slave.  A serf!  Nevertheless, its as if nobody remembers such trivial details.  Many people are angry at President Obama, (because the GOP noise machine has been so active and so noisy decrying his every move.) and at the Democrats--- who deserve very harsh criticism for their lack of action in the past four years.  Which means these low-information voters will vote for--- you guessed it, any nearby Republican or Tea Bagger, no matter how insane the ideas they may spout.

Once again, I tremble for my country.