Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The New Jesus of the Christian Right

High Kickin' Donkey

Jimmy Jack Jesus


Poor old Jesus! This cartoon catches exactly the way the new portrait of Jesus is emerging from the Evangelical Right. We have known for a long time that they do not qualify as real Christians. But now they have solved that problem. They simply re-made him in their image. They've hijacked Jesus. And the new Jesus is so much better than the old Jesus: It even hints at the White-Aryan-Jail-Bird-Jesus! You know that Jesus--- That's the Jesus who gets likkered up and beats on the wife and kids like clockwork every Saturday night.

Oh, yeah, that's the same Jesus who stalks her and the kids, if they try to get away. And then, of course, that would be the very Jesus who shoots his own brains out after he's murdered his own family. His last words are no longer, in the words of Christ, "Into thy hands I commend my spirit."
No. Now the New Jesus's last words are, "Now lookit what you made me do!"

Originally, Christianity was all about how close one could grow and be in the image of Christ. There was the spiritual exercise by Saint Thomas A Kempis, called, "The Imitation of Christ".

But forget that crap!

Now, it seems that the Evangelical Right is only interested in how they can make Jesus look like them.

Let us hope these people can see the enormity of their misperception. Otherwise, their narcissistic narrowness will bring this country down.


  1. Followed your link here from one of your Alternet comments. Good stuff. Thanks for posting this editorial cartoon. The flight of fancy with which you flesh out the character is right-on, too.

  2. Music to my ears, my friend. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, such as it is, and I hope you will feel free to return.