Friday, December 4, 2009

Sarah Palin Fans Can't Articulate Support

High Kickin' Donkey
Long Lines At The Mall

At a recent booksigning, Sarah Palin fans, who were lined up outside of the bookstore, were selected at random to be interviewed by a young journalist for online news journal, The Public Record. Curiously, as one watches the video it becomes clear that her most ardent fans are unable to articulate why they support her. This video captures the essence of the mental and verbal deficit of her diehard devotees at a mall where the ex-Alaskan Governor happened to be signing her book. Such mental vacancy points to a need to establish a quick quiz to be given at the polls, which each voter must take and pass with flying colors before they are allowed to actually vote.

"Freedom, Liberty, Free Speech!" was all one woman was able to come up with when asked why she supported Sarah Palin. In reality, Palin has never said that she stands for such things. That is all imputed to her persona as it would be to any politician.

A brief survey of Palin's political career and dubious credentials invokes less than confidence in reasonable people. Some would even question her abilities as the leader of a sparcely populated outpost of civilization, let alone the president of a vast and complex nation: an unsuccessful mayorship wherein she fled the place before being driven out, but not before she saddled the small community of Wasila, Alaska, with millions in debt. That fiasco set the stage for her run at the Governorship. She won, but then quit the four year term just halfway through. An unstable personality is not her only flaw; there is also her religous fundy extremism. Based on this unsavory history, she was chosen by John McCain to save his bacon as a Presidential candidate. He was counting on her youth and physical appeal to balance out the fact that he was too old.

The interesting thing is that she is smart enough to attempt to pull off this duplicitous lifestyle and make it pay. Hence, the title of her book, Going Rogue. Even the title fits with her wink wink style of pitbull with lipstick soccer mom persona. Her admirers find her foibles amusing and attractive.

They think it a sign that she's plucky.

And who would disagree on that point? The issue is--- does any of this qualify her for the presidency? Instability and an inflexible mindset regarding outmoded mythology suggest hypocricy at best, and mental fragility as an underlying modus operandus.

Unspoken, was the idea that in the minds of her many fans, President Obama is against such things. Utterly forgotten, was the recent history which demonstrated that George Bush, whom the very same people also supported, not once, but twice, had aggressively moved to destroy those values of Freedom, Liberty and a hot lunch for orphans.

"The Constitution," Bush said, "is just a piece of paper." You can see and hear him say those words on Youtube. Look it up!

So if they can't give a good reason for why they support her for president, what might be the real reason? My own theory is that she whips them up into a sexual frenzy. They will deny it of course, but I have seen on TV, how, at her rallies, she whips them into hatred, anger, and subverted sexual tension. Not just the men, but the women as well. Of course they don't want to own up to that sort of thing, so they come up with bogus reasons such as Freedom, Liberty, and so forth. The Big giveaway, however, as to her true nature, is that the McCain staff went from adoring her to resenting her, till, finally, nobody on the team could stand her. So she seems to appeal only to the same sort of person that worshiped George W. Bush. That kind of authoritarian submissive was best encapsulated by the woman who when speaking of her president, exclaimed,

"I just love that man so much. I love him so much that if I saw him put a gun to my little boy's head and pull the trigger, I would still love that man."

Here is what a dead Elephant looks like. Oops! I meant a dead Republican elephant which has been shot full of holes. Of course, in reality, the elephant shot itself full of holes.

Sarah Palin, for example, recently has been talking about how she really wonders if Obama is actually a citizen, as she has never seen his birth certificate. Really, Sarah, that is so cynical and transparent. And if your followers go along with that kind of disingenuousness, this nation is in worse trouble than I thought.

This is, by the way, the same GOP logo which displays three inverted pentacles. If you go to my first post on this blog, back in September of 2009, you will see that the 3 inverted pentacles have a very particular dark, occult meaning. A meaning in the practice of black magic or Satanic worship. You will also find that this logo was re-designed in the year 2000 just when George Bush came into the Oval Office the first time. A modicum of research on will show that the Republicans who attend the Bohemian Grove meetings and events are known to participate or at least witness Satanic Ritual events there. If you delve even deeper into the goings on of the international banksters, you keep coming across the idea that many are indeed involved in Satanic worship, with Philip de Rothschild frequently mentioned as a high priest of Satan. I don't like to think that grown men and women take such things seriously, when you keep coming across it over and over again, you begin to say, there might be something to it.

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