Monday, February 27, 2017

The Liar, Trump

In the year 2016, Donald Trump conducted one of the most vile presidential campaigns in American History.  His supporters adored him for precisely that.  The filthier he got, the louder they cheered. Given his first month in office, it becomes very clear to those of us who value truth that he intends to establish and rule over a tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship.

This also tickles his worshipers.

Observe the loving reaction of the Conservative audience at CPAC.

Let us note at the outset, that Trump, by his own definition, is a sexual deviant. A pervert, really.  And if there were any justice in America, he would be locked up in the most terrible prison and the key thrown away.  And like his fellow perverts, to be found among the torturers whom Obama was too foolish to jail,  The Donald is ready to let his insanity come out to play.  

to be continued...