Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Money Equals Power Equals Corruption

I can only surmise how it must feel to subscribe heart and soul to a political world view which can only come into power by spending massive amounts of money and blanketing the media as the Nazi fascists did -- not so long ago.  Heaven only knows the arch-conservative philosophical stance cannot win through an appeal to intelligence.  It has long been said, that it is not necessary to be what Aldous Huxley, in his remarkable novel, Brave New World, termed Delta Minus's, (low scorers of IQ, i.e. janitors, etc.) in order to be conservative; but, interestingly, those with less than moderate IQ tend to be conservative.

Generally speaking, as we have seen in past presidential elections, Americans are liberal leaning toward progressive. You may argue, yes, but what about Bush/Cheney?  The reality we must all face, is that the Supreme Court of the land interfered illegally in that election, (the Constitution provides only for the electorate, and the Electoral College to decide elections.)  But Unconstitutional partisanship ruled the Supreme Court then -- as it does now.

If the GOP were an honest and upstanding political party, Gore would have been president.  Bush/Cheney would have been out with the bums where they belonged.  And more than a million of the Iraqi people's lives would have been spared; which the Bush/Cheney administration termed mere Collateral Damage.  But the moneyed interests, largely oil, pushed hard behind Bush and won.

Thus did our soldiers murder whole families, innocent families, by the way, remember Falujah, where the soldiers went from house to house killing everyone in the house; Fathers, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and children.  And the American people -- still reeling from 9/11, said nothing.  Like sheep set out for tigers' meals they kept largely silent simply noting what little truth was made available to them.  And what lies were told to the American people by way of the Main Stream Media, were legion, and appalling, were also told to the Congress.

Remember that Bush/Cheney allowed no dead soldiers to be photographed!  Journalists were forbidden to photograph those flag draped coffins.  Instead, Bush said to America:

"Go shopping," he said.

The Republican Party is the party of ultimate wealth.

And whose only function is to serve the rich!  Especially those who don't like to pay taxes, just as everybody must pay taxes.  But they want you to pay taxes -- while they luxuriate tax-free on their yachts.

To subscribe to them is to proudly proclaim that your values are corrupt.

The Republicans may criticize Democrats, but they have nothing to offer We, the People.  As I noted above, the entire pupose of the Republican Party is to serve the few, the American oligarchy.  Said oligarchy was exactly what the founders of this country feared might come into being; and now it has.  And now they don't want you to know their true motive, so they muddy the waters with threats of lawsuit of  President Obama, and with Mitch McConnell's threat to shut down government again.

No wonder they need to spend so much money on elections.

Nothing the conservative can do or say can be of benefit to the American people.

Here in Oregon we have outvoted wealth and the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars, and we have elected whom we wanted.  The super rich fear us, more than any other.  They fear our intelligence, education, and our independence of spirit.

Let's do it again!