Saturday, April 5, 2014

Secret Agencies A Danger To America

I have long suspected that the FBI is not a friendly agency for America but that thought really came home when I read that the entire campaign of systematic police brutality in dealing with the Occupy Movement was worked out as a result of a meeting between the FBI and Wall Street Banksters.  It seems the Security agency and the monied interests had a single vision when they sat down together to work out a strategy of suppression.  Suddenly it all made perfect sense.  Of course.  The FBI and the CIA and the NSA -- all the secret agencies supposedly working on behalf of the American People.  The 99%. All of us Americans who have a political view of government. A view which does not see eye to eye with Big Brother.

The trouble is that these secret agencies which we can see are spinning out of control,  at the end of the day, we find they don't work for us, the American people.

They work for the traitors.  

The Anti-Americans.

The plutocrats and oligarchs.

That would be the Koch Brothers, the Sheldon Adelsons,  Karl Icahn,  Jeffrey Immeult, CEO of General Electric and protege of Jack Welsch, Capitalism's most monstrous creation; Lockheed-Martin, Halliburton, Nestle, Coke, Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan,.. you get the picture.  And that is merely the short list of persons and corporations dangerous to America.  And the list would not be complete without the Department of Homeland Security which at last count employed more than 250,000 people.  And last but by no means least, The Supreme Court's very own John Roberts' Gang of Five; all five of those justices need to be removed from office. Scalia is simply a scoundrel;  Clarence Ding Dong Thomas is a liar, not very bright and a follower of Scalia, and Alito who felt the president has unlimited power until Obama got into office.  Then Alito felt the president should have no power at all.  Roberts himself an obviously abused little boy trying to be good and conservative at the same time.  And the conservative swing voter, Kennedy.

And not only much of the corrupt judiciary, but the Executive Branch as well. Not to forget the Military. The Pentagon.  Not all of these are secret agencies, granted, but all of them are ready to violate the US Constitution at a moments notice.  Especially --  the above are ready to eliminate your civil rights with the greatest of alacrity. 

Good question.

The only thing which comes up is:  the rich, the billionaires have all the money.  And have bought out the Senators and House of Representatives.  Obnoxious as it seems, it does explain in every way why the Democrats are so wimpy about real issues.  Why they will never stand up to Wall Street.  Or the Republican Party.

I wouldn't really care if they all were at war with each other.

But they are not.

They are are united in their War on the 99%.