Monday, October 14, 2013

Who are the Republicans?

The IRS, who weighs heavily, and often with savagery, on the poor, whose tax burden is in excess of 11 % of their income, so that even the working poor, and the average husband and wife, each working at two or three jobs can never get ahead, and on the middle class, who shell out more than 6% of their income to the IRS, but the tax guys look the other way when it comes to making the rich pay up.  This is despite the fact that the rich pay less than 2% of their income in taxes, to begin with.  And the stalwart Republicans, the GOP, who now are holding the American people hostage, for the purpose of negotiating with Obama to take even more money away from Main Street to put into the hands of the 1% elites and on Wall Street.  The yokels are the step'n'fetch it boys for the rich ---

Ah!  the Rich, whose hideous tragedy is that they just don't seem ever to have quite enough money --- so would we all mind terribly looking the other way while they help themselves to ours --- just to make the likes of David A. Koch and his brother Charles, the Koch brothers, don'chya know, dry their their eyes of bitter tears and smile, darn ya, smile!

My fervent wish is that the people of America would stop making the Koch brothers and their pals, (for a list of their pals, click here so happy.  Simply giving up with a sigh, as my parents did, with a wispy smile and resignation in their hearts, saying, "Well, that's the way life is, what can you do?"

You can imagine that your children are starving and get off your ass and take charge of your life.  That's one thing you could do.  You could join with others who are oppressed and take charge of your lives.

Finally, since all you did when Occupy Wall Street was going was criticize them for being unwashed and wondering where they went to the bathroom, you could lend a hand.  And revive Occupy The Planet.

You could begin writing letters to the editors of your local newspaper's Op-Ed page.  And write with fire and poison in your pen!  Or you could donate to progressive causes which are online all over the place.

Or you could become a serf!  And your children and their children will thank you for being a piece of shit wimp!