Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brutality of Oakland Cops

There will be REPRISALS.  Eventually this crisis will sort itself out and the most belligerent and egregious of the cops everywhere in America, not to mention the mayors who who conspired to use brutality against peacefully assembled citizens, will find themselves no longer in power.  Kaput!

Out of work.

But they may very well find themselves in serious trouble.  

  • And the reprisals will come from us 
  • and they will be just.  
  • Unlike the Power Elite we will abide by justice.
We will win back America and return it to being a nation of law.  This will happen or we will fail as a nation.  Simple as that.

Obama could have prevented this.  All he had to do was bring a sense to his administration that he would support America after the horrible blot on the pages of history as a result of the eight years of the Bush-Cheney Administration.




Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Morally Indefensible And They Know It

They’re not John Galt, not Steve Jobs, and not helping.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Suspicions of Conspiracy Validated

So what we suspected all along, namely, that there's a strong conspiratorial aspect to the nationwide police crackdown on the Occupy movement, is true.  It turns out that 18 cities nationwide were in on the secret.  The police were told by the very top dogs that if they wanted to receive some large cash federal grants they would turn the protesters out of the parks; and feel very free to use unrestrained violence.  Just don't use real bullets.  Other than that, do your worst.

Several big question arise:

  • In which agency, and in whose fevered little right-wing brain did the vile, albeit well coordinated conspiracy originate?
  • Why were the mayors so easily led into being puppet operatives for federal agencies their hearts had to tell them were criminally motivated?  Why so apparently eager to violate the US Constitution with treasonous action?
  • Why were the rank and file police officers, themselves, so agreeable to be exploited as the tools of repression?  Traitorous, downright anti-American  action does not necessarily go with the territory as far as fulfilling one's duties as a cop.  
  • What are we going to do about it? 
And that is the $64 billion dollar question.  Finding out who had the motivation to suppress the first stirrings of dissent among the American people, who have just rolled over and over as the 1% has robbed them of their wealth, the social position in the Middle Class, and their homes, and finally their jobs.  

And now they are saying ouch!

And somebody up there in 1% land is such a control freak--- added to all the other neuroses, starting with narcissism--- which are so eminently visible in the most wealthy and most powerful, that they must have it silenced immediately and for all time.  

My own inclination is to want to look very closely at the International Banksters, perhaps the Rothschilds; but even as I write this it becomes apparent that Goldman- Sachs also fits the profile.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    NYPD Destroys Occupy the Future

    How I wish that people would stop saying ridiculous trash such as the Occupy Wall Street Movement has already accomplished its goals.  That is just plain wrong.  It has allowed itself to be pushed around and made an absolute patsy.  It has now failed miserably.  The one overarching goal was simply to occupy and make life difficult for the 1%.  And for everyone who joyfully pays tribute to the 1%.  Falling all over themselves, to bow, indeed, to prostrate themselves, before their masters, those who adore and worship the Lords of Greed, have utterly erased their lives and their true happiness.

    And for their part, the 1% has decided to reassert their absolute control over the world.  As long as Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch, The Kock Brothers, Mitch McConnell,  Baron Phip de Rothschild and the rest of the sorry lot of psychopaths who are so possessed of greed that for them it feels like the normal way for a human being to be.  It is not for nothing that the Middle Age Roman Church classified Greed as a DEADLY sin.  Greed kills everything it touches--- including the soul.  The clues are all around.  Read, for example, the story of King Midas.  The story has survived because it has enough Truth in it that we must keep it as a warning.  Of course, you won't discover that your soul is missing until you die and that event may come sooner than you think.

    Sorry, fat cats, but you may have those shit cakes you call wealth and treasure, but you lose your soul in the bargain.  Goethe was a genius into human nature, and when he wrote was right. and  the parable of the modern man, known as Faust.  I am not saying that you will go to Hell, but I am not saying NO, either.

    Like the story of King Midas.  breathes, the world will be in peril.