Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brutality of Oakland Cops

There will be REPRISALS.  Eventually this crisis will sort itself out and the most belligerent and egregious of the cops everywhere in America, not to mention the mayors who who conspired to use brutality against peacefully assembled citizens, will find themselves no longer in power.  Kaput!

Out of work.

But they may very well find themselves in serious trouble.  

  • And the reprisals will come from us 
  • and they will be just.  
  • Unlike the Power Elite we will abide by justice.
We will win back America and return it to being a nation of law.  This will happen or we will fail as a nation.  Simple as that.

Obama could have prevented this.  All he had to do was bring a sense to his administration that he would support America after the horrible blot on the pages of history as a result of the eight years of the Bush-Cheney Administration.




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