Friday, May 15, 2015

German Bankers and The Greek People R US

ight wingers bite their nails these days.  If they do not bite their nails they are not at all aware of the reality of the fragility of their position.  But most do know they are in trouble.  That is why the Koch brothers are now spending billions on the 2016 elections.

They are afraid for their very lives.

They fear the mainstream of the voting public will do what the Greek people did.  The Greeks nationalized the wealth of the elites in order to pay off the German banks.

For their part, the Germans of course want the Greeks under their thumb.  They want the Greek people to live in AUSTERITY because that is the kind of harsh, limited and oppressed existence German bankers think everybody ought to live in.  Except themselves, of course.  German bankers sincerely believe that they and they alone should live in unspeakable luxury while the rest of the world lives on its knees.

So we can see that Angela Merkel and many of her German people actually learned nothing of humanity or charity, or even decency as a result of losing WWII.   Hitler's corrupt Nazi dreams of Aryans ruling the world still survive under the surface of order and humility.  If ever the will of a people were encapsulated in a metaphor, the German bankers are that metaphor.  Despite the fact that in 1953 Germany begged and howled that they could not pay their debts and the Allies would have to cut the debt by 50% and more, which the Allies did;  they now have the audacity to turn around and say to the Greek people that no quarter will be given and this debt must be paid in full.  And schnell!

That is a Hell of a lot of audacity!  That is not mere AUDACITY!  That is a form of Tyranny.

Tyranny is that form of government which seeks to control everything everyone does, says or even thinks.

Tyranny is that which must be destroyed.  And historically -- tyrants are losers.

The Greeks are smart.

Especially given that, in 1953, the Germans were heavily in debt for WWII on which they spent very heavily and still they lost.  They owed huge amounts to France, Russia and the USA.  And this is the part where Germany shows how ugly it truly is -- even today:  But the problem is not necessarily even the bankers.  It is the capitalist system.  Though capitalism is now on the wane.  Capitalism is worn out.


My own political system of choice is Democratic Socialism.  Socialism is the corrective for the excesses of capitalism.  The medicine, if you will.

I will close with an insight I found on the Internet:

A criminal is a person with predatory instincts 
but without the funds to form a corporation.