Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Nazi Israel

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Who does not remember how Vanessa Redgrave stood before the Academy Awards audience and angrily denounced the Zionists as thugs?  For that she was loudly booed.  Things have changed these days.  The world is on to the criminal Zionists.  And yet it is with faint voices that we speak out against Israeli monsters.  I have spoken out condemning Zionism.  I will continue to speak out against the gross criminality of Israeli aggression.  Their crimes are ignored and whitewashed by the American State Department and President Obama's foreign policies which do favor Israel and victimize Palestinians.  And here in the USA there is scarce mention of the inhumanity of the Zionist State toward Palestinians.  Even if there were a solid array of historical evidence which proved, unequivocally, that the land truly belongs to the Jews, and that the Palestinians' claims on the land were unsubstantial; even if that were true, and it is not,  Israel would still be guilty of Crimes against Humanity, policies of aggression and unprovoked, first strike maneuvers against the Palestinians.

For so many decades the world has allowed such atrocities to slide by.  Hey! Nobody wanted to be labeled an anti-semite!  I mean, how can you argue with the idea that God, himself, prefers Jews to all others.  The People of the Book are the Chosen of The Lord.  Right?

Well, hold on there.  Not so fast.  Let us look at some of these things.  Like the Old Testament.  Where the stories of Moses come from.  Well, new archeological evidence points to some disputes which say that many of the Biblical personnages, such as Moses, and Joseph, were in fact, Egyptian Pharaohs, whose very names are cognates of the Biblical characters. You can check this out yourself, but it's beyond the scope of this post go into it.   Also, in the case of Moses story of his birth and discovery by a princess of Egypt, the baby in a basket floating in the bullrushes and then brought up like a royal.  It turns out that is a story which actually belongs to an earlier Babylonian king by the name of Sargon.  The Jews served as slaves in Babylon until their release and then once in the wilderness they kept Sargon's story but applied it to their own hero, Moses.  Moshei!  

So a lot of fudging has been done to embellish those Hebraic stories.  And even the Ark of the Covenant may be yet another fiction elided or conflated from an earlier culture.  The Ark, after all, was kept in the Temple of Solomon.  The Temple of Solomon was burned to the ground by the Romans.  The legend of the Knights Templar is that they discovered the remains of the Temple and somehow recovered the Ark.  But that is the stuff of Hollywood.  So?

Who knows?

So that any claims made cannot be made as if  Biblical stories are factual.

Now, it's the Israelis themselves who are more anti-semitic in their actions than anyone.

What is happening, then, is the end of Jewery, itself.  If you constantly abide outside of the code of Judaism, then how can you claim to be what you are not?  Survivors of the most hideous concentration camps have the stamp of authenticity about them. If you survived Auschwitz, you are a Jew and nobody can say different. And your critique counts far more than those who, by virtue of the time and place of their birth, escaped the unspeakable suffering of the holocaust.  You may be a Jew by birth and inclination, but you are not a Jew like these guys are Jews.  They know what is Jewish, and what is Nazi.  And they know it like nobody else.

So what we have here, in the video below, is a survivor of crushing horror of ghastly Auschwitz, Hojo Meyer, speaking out against the appalling policies of Zionist Israel.  He goes much further, saying Israel's policies are antithetical to the entire set of principles which constitute Judaism.  And then he speaks the unspeakable:  that the state of Israel is based on the principles of the Nazis.  The only difference being that Palestinians are now the victims; and the Israelis their persecutors, as were the Nazis of the Third Reich toward the Jews.

So terribly tragic!