Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Bush Crime Family

Iknow it is silly to still be fretting over the Bush Administration, but it really bothers me that this entire family, three generations of them, treasonous as the day is long at midsummer, got away with treason starting with Grand Dad Prescott's financial support of Hitler.  Prescott Bush was invested heavily in I.G Farben, who manufactured munitions and weaponry for Hitler's army.  

And then, George W. Bush, got so many of the Religious Right, the Evangelicals, especially in the flyover states, to support him.  And this support was not merely a casual sort of voter support of a candidate.  


This was loyalty such as we have not seen since peasants and knights loved and swore fealty to their king with a love that surpasseth understanding. This sort of thing is best illustrated by the woman in Ohio who said that if she saw George W. Bush take a gun and blow out her little boy's brains before her very eyes, she would still love that man. This huge support for a monster, who gave us torture, the illegal invasion of Iraq, is very disturbing. These Americans need to be shot for treason as well. With all generosity one might say, that such people did not know who they voted for.  That his appalling policies disgusted them. 

They could claim that the first time.

But they elected him a second time.

They are guilty and complicit as hell!    

But here is video in which a respected investigative journalist talks about what he found as hard evidence demonstrating the treasonous nature of the family.

Fascism and the Internet

The Federal Government is about to become your enemy.  The FBI has already shown itself to be working on behalf of the criminal banksters and against the 99%

1984 is the blueprint of a perfect society --- at least as far as the Fascists are concerned.  Why are the American people letting this happen?  View this video and do something about it or become a serf.