Saturday, June 2, 2012

Slave Labor In America

My strong suspicion is that much of the gay population is a useful canary in the coal mine.  For more than four decades, macho gays have acted out --- in their sexuality --- the very stuff which is now coming to light as an aspect, a decidedly hideous aspect, at that, of government in America.  The sexual game of Master and Slave once confined to the bedroom is now to be found in Corporate Boardrooms as well as Federal and state agencies.  Well, hasn't it just blossomed into BDSM, throughout middle American Christian bedrooms?!

Of course, the gays boys dressed it all up in black leather.  In fact, they invented an iconic look using the sleek animal texture of the leather to emphasize exaggerated masculine body parts.  The look was adopted and perfected, in the pornographic drawings of  the great gay porn artist Tom O'Finland.  Much of Tom's work now resides in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The Black Leather look of BDSM was so sexy, so hot, so flattering, that the straight world got so turned on, they appropriated the look and called it their own.  Now, Christian ladies everywhere throughout the American Mid-West, give themselves up to the whims of their cruel masters in black leather chaps, chest straps, harnesses, or, lately, latex outfits. But then --- that is what straight people have always done.  Stolen whatever the gays were up to and then pretended that they, the straights actually had the creative juice to create something so stylish and forward looking.

They don't, of course.  But they like to think they do.  But this is old news.

The real news is that the Corporate State has privatized the prison system; and since one in every hundred American is now in prison, we now have what Corporations have longed for all these decades: SLAVERY.  Yes, boys and girls, the ugly face of master/slavery has not really ever gone away.  It simply went underground and now in this utterly corrupt era, it feels free to show itself.

The Military Industrial Complex has created a work force which costs them less than Chinese labor and no shipping costs.  Journalist Mike Elk, who is a specialist in current Labor Practices explains how the Military Industrial Complex (hereafter MIC) has co-opted the prison system.  Remember those 2 judges who were caught in Pennsylvania illegally sentencing young people to slave labor prisons, for which they were generously compensated by the Corrections Corporation of America.  That Corporation by the way, is still very powerful.  The onus fell on the judges and not the Corporation.

Never the Corporation.  Take a look at this video.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Even Republicans give Romney a thumbs down

Not that I would have voted for him anyway.  But here are some core Republicans expressing so succinctly why nobody should vote for Romney.

The man is a total disgrace.  He is the very embodiment of the reason why Republican Crony capitalism is through.

Finished in America.

The Romney campaign is trying to claim that old Mitt is a job creator.

What lies!

What liars!


Bain Capital is a prime player of vulture capitalism, Rick Perry says.
So the video gives us some insider's view of how Mitt Romney sees the world.  And I for one, tremble at the prospect of a Mitt Romney/Return of the GOP presidency for four years look at the damage George W. Bush did in fours years and then the stupids began chanting "Four More Years!" and he finished off the entire American economy.    
Now take a look at Robert Reich as he clears the flatulent air of Republican lies with the bothersome (to Republicans) dart of shining reality.


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