Friday, February 7, 2014

NSA, Fascism, and Right Wing Media

What is most disturbing about the National Security Agency revelations which we have as a result of Edward Snowden's heroic stance as a whistleblower,  is the fact that the people of America just don't seem to give a damn.  They seem to be living in fear of another 9/11 terrorist attack.  They have been groomed by high priced Public Relations (PR) firms and ad agencies.  What those tools of conservative thought did not do the think tanks and right wing media did.  If you should mention the gravity of the situation, say at a wine and cheese neighborhood get-together, such as in my neighborhood, you will see people suddenly look over your shoulder and excuse themselves the better to greet a long lost friend.    

But here's the point:  all of the evidence gathered from the WTC ruins point to a false flag inside job.  And when anybody of importance steps forward to point this out publicly, all of the mainstream media suddenly pile on him to try to make him or her look like a nutcase.  

So the real conspiracy is right there in plain sight:  Why does media persist in trying to make anybody who steps up with hard evidence look trivial, ridiculous or worse, insane?  Traitorous, even!  

I can think, offhand, of some very good reasons.  They are reasons nobody even in liberal media wants to spell out, though the evidence points overwhelmingly in one direction. Namely, that since the right wing media (and it is all or 98% of it, right wing media.  This bullshit fable of Liberal Media, while once true, is now a myth used by Right Wingers to fight off charges of treason.  

Very quietly, first Reagan, then GHW Bush, and then GW Bush castrated the FCC.  George W Bush placed Colin Powell's son as its Chairman; of which there is no more loyal Right Wing extremist!) So the Right Wing marched in and said all media can be owned by whoever wants to buy it.  Whereas originally, one could only own one or two sources of media in a single community, now you can own it all.  

But not so fast!  

The Right Wingers snapped it all up during that window known as the Bush administration.  And that is why Warren Buffet famously has said that "...America is definitely engaged in class warfare..." 

And his side is winning.  

Actually, the one percent has already won! 

And all of the owners and publishers of media, The Suits, are members of the Tribe of Righties.  They know all about the who, what, why, and where, in fact, responsibility for 9/11 and more, much more, lies. 

But they are keeping mum.  

For at least the next 50 years.  

You know how it goes.  Now, after more than fifty years some real information is leaking out about the JF Kennedy and Robert Kennedy assassinations, as well as the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, not to mention Sirhan Sirhan, and even the CIA agents who were photographed at each of those assassinations.  It is also true that such information can be found on the Internet.  Now do you begin to understand why Comcast, and Verizon and any of the large corporations are so hell bent on acquiring the exclusive ownership of the Internet?  

Today, all American based multinational corporations are Fascistic in their corporate culture.  Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Coal, and so on.  All of them are anti-American liars!  Oh, yes, Fox News!  Populated entirely by LIARS!  I will talk more about Fox's disposition toward lying outright, bald faced lying.  And makes no bones about it!  They lie the way you drink coffee in the morning.  Of course, they are owned by one Rupert Murdoch, who, although one of the worst criminals in the world, is still strolling the boulevards and most likely will never be brought to trial.  Rupert Murdoch has powerful protectors in Congress.  

Newt Gingrich is one of Rupert Murdoch's most ardent protectors.

After observing the scene for many years I can only conclude that the entire right wing conservative movement is nothing more than a collection of pirates, liars, murderers and traitors.