Friday, February 18, 2011

On Wisconsin's Much Needed Uproar

Governor Walker, of Wisconsin, is, you guessed it, a Republican.  And like a true extremist Republican he believes that the rich are too exalted, too holy, to pay taxes and the poor should work without a voice, or needs, wants, rights, or unions, and be smiling from ear to ear that somebody is willing to pay them a dollar for a day's work AND then pay the lion's share of taxes that pay his and his cronies' in the Legislature their salaries.  Appallingly plutocentric as that view may be, it certainly is consonant with the ideologies of the International Bankster pirates, not to mention the Congressional Republican leadership in DC.

But Walker probably did not count on the fact that the people of Wisconsin might rise in protest.  And not just a little bit of a whimper either;  this was and is a popular protest such as has not been seen in many a decade in this country.  So the workers just won't sit still for a kick in the head--- in addition to the many kicks in the groin from the Repukes.

Well, isn't that enough to make a Rothschild swoon into a heap!

But really, my thought is that they might give up too soon and give up too much, before the cavalry arrives to kill a few workers, " send a message..."  as is said.  Just as in Bahrain the police have actually killed about four or five so far.
So where are all the other liberal protesters in the other states?