Friday, March 20, 2015

The Republican Congress

In laying out their plan to slash funding for worthy social programs, i. e. programs which are deemed by the majority of responsible persons, most importantly by persons expert in the Social Sciences, to be of immeasurable benefit to society,  the Republicans in Congress have once again torn the pact between government and the governed.  The Social Contract.  This means they recognize only the authority of the monied.  Unfortunately, the people of America will not fight back because although they are not all as extreme in their weakness of mind, they nevertheless to worship at the alter of Authoritarianism nearly as much as the mentally incapable Republican leadership.

What is odd is that when you question authority you find that it cannot offer convincing argument to justify its existence.  Other than that Authority justifies its existence by saying because "this is the way that it is."  Or else because it has always been this way, and you need somebody to boss you around.  Because man is inherently bad and you need somebody to keep you on the straight and narrow.

This is, of course, pure hogwash.

Of course, the GOP consists of nothing but Submissive Authoritarians.  That to a large extent explains the inordinate popularity of such pieces of crap as Atlas Shrugged, with its cardboard characters who live one dimensional lives, and happens to be one of the worst piece of literary garbage ever written.  The author, Ayn Rand, was an authoritarian of huge proportions. Nor did she live by the principles she herself espoused. After complaining about the collective, trashing any gathering of persons   Submissives are easy to discern as they tend always to fight tooth and nail against any perceived criticism of their near-deified authoritarian boss.  And the other gem, 50 Shades of Gray.  The value of Fifty Shades book is how clearly it shows how all politics begins in the bedroom.  It also explains the enchantment of the right with George W. Bush.  They worshiped ol' lonesome George W.  The reason for the hyper-worshipful attitudes of millions of right wingnuts, of George W Bush was that he is not a true Submissive Authoritarian.  He is what the Submissives spend a lifetime searching for:  A Dominant or Dom, to use the language of the Submissive, or as we know them, the Mind Slaves.  These are people who cannot exist without serving a master, the more brutal, the more worshipful.

This perverted mindset begins with the abuse of children.  Usually by parents -- to start with -- the perfect example being the members of The Westboro Baptist Church.  Records clearly show that the children were hideously beaten most often with a leather strap by their own father.  And the beatings began at an early age and continued into later teen years.  while I would not suggest that all authoritarians are survivors of childhood abuse, I would say that a majority of them are.    

But what we are talking about is utter abandonment of the Republicans of caring for the welfare of the people.  This reckless abandonment began decades ago.