Friday, March 2, 2012

Banksters Killing Europe, We're Next

Show hands, please! Who did not know that the International Banksters are the most criminal class on the planet?  Those who did not know this need to watch this video.  Thom Hartmann is always a pleasure anyways.  But here is one of his very most important and insightful reports.  Since John Perkins spilled the beans and blew the whistle on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund the banksters have come out of the closet to show themselves as the criminals they truly are.

If you want to know why marijuana is still criminalized; yes, even medical marijuana, look no further.  The banks!  Why the banks?  They make a lot of money buying up prisons around the country and privatizing them. Then they lobby state and federal legislators to increase the penalties for marijuana busts. The legislators for their part, are always happy to oblige the banks, since it means more under the table money in their pockets.  

Thus, the prisons are kept full of otherwise innocent people.  Then the corporations walk in and say Hey, paying a dollar a day to Chinese workers and then shipping costs --- that's too expensive, I want slave labor.  Well, as close as you can get to slave labor without actually setting foot on the ground.  Prison laborers are paid 20 cents an hour for hard labor, thus giving corporations even cheaper labor costs than China. And no shipping cost.      

So the banks are imposing austerity measures on the Greek citizens.  And as Thom H points out it isn't working.  It has never worked.  Ever.  Austerity is the preferred method for destroying a sovereign nation.  Literally.  But watch the seven and a half minute video for a quick lesson in bankster crime.  And the USA is on the short list.



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Alan Grayson Steals The Show!

After all the torture we libs have been through at the dishonest hands of the Repukes, we deserve a ticket of Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson.  Grayson is the real spokesman for the disenfranchised.  He is the only voice in Congress who spoke out against the Repukes and their views on Health Care Reform. We must see to it that he gets re-elected to congress.  Here, he demolishes right winger journalist, PJ O'Rourke.  He gets him so good with the truth, that O'Rourke finally shuts up.  As a result, Grayson also gets the first standing ovation the show has seen in its 10 years on the airwaves. 

Grayson is a real scrapper!

That, of course, is why the Repukes hate him so bad.  He is the only Dem who is not even slightly phased by the opposition.  So the Koch Brothers threw huge amounts of money at the race in Florida and lavishly funded 5 other truly mediocre candidates to oppose Grayson.  The most mealy mouthed old boy who obviously goes along to get along --- got the election.