Friday, January 22, 2010

Supreme Court's Latest Worst Ruling Ever

Fire The Bush Five

Once again SCOTUS has utterly disgraced itself!

The first time, based on no precedent whatsoever, and no guidance from the US Constitution, they interfered in the 2000 national election and selected Bush for office when he so blatantly trailed by 500,000 votes.

And now, this ruling.

The first time, by anybody's lights, there should have been HELL TO PAY, for those SC Justices who were responsible for that un-American and un-Constitutional betrayal.

But there was nothing! Americans said "Oh, gosh, oh golly. They know more than we do." (This is before Roberts and Alito, who are Bush/Cheney boot lickers. Especially Alito. Clarence is just a dirty joke who thinks whatever Scalia tells him to.)

But this is the end of the line for these creeps; and I use the word creeps advisedly. All along, in decision after decision, they have been so obviously in the hip pocket of corporations and all we, the public, have done is try to keep our heads down and hope that the Supreme Court of the United States will occasionally throw us a tiny crumb of true justice.

Consider this short list of egregious decisions:

· It is legal for a vendor to sell a product which does not work but illegal for a buyer to purchase a product with a check that does not work.

· During a corporate bankruptcy, the company's assets are distributed first to other companies and last, if anything remains, to employees and even people who have obtained judgments from courts for company wrongdoing.

· If a homebuyer who has paid regularly on his mortgage for 20 and even more years, who has paid the property taxes and the property's insurance, is forced to default for no fault of his own, such as a death, serious illness, or economic collapse, the mortgage holder gets to keep all the money and gets the house too, transferring the risk that investors are supposed to bear entirely to the buyer.

· Entire industries can uniformly require consumers to accept contracts that require them to relinquish their legal and even Constitutional rights.

· And those industries can also uniformly require consumers to accept contracts that the companies can change in any way at any time for any reason without gaining the consent of the consumer. Has a consumer ever had such a right?

· Companies can collect personal information on people without their consent yet are allowed to keep company secrets even those which hide wrongdoing, as when a civil case is settled and the company involved is allowed to not admit to any wrongdoing and the court seals the detailed record.

Now, the five, Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, have come out of the closet, and shown themselves to be the Fascists we had hoped they would not be. Surely Supreme Court Justices would not be, common as dirt, Fascists! After all, only Redneck skinhead White Supremacists, who are truly Trailer Trash are Hitler Fascists.

And coming up on their agenda is Gay Marriage! Anybody want to guess the outcome of that issue in a five to four ruling: LOL

Here is a comment from Common Dreams:

How symbolic and hopefully prescient a warning it could be that a Mr. Brown, wearing a shirt, came to Washington on the same day that 'our' supreme court made a ruling which will surely allow ‘brown shirts’ to come to power.

One can not overstate the assault on democracy that has been launched in this pre-planned attack that will "live in infamy" from the ruling-elite's Global corporate/financial/militarist Empire ---- which until now has been only guilefully controlling 'our' country by hiding behind the facade of its two-party 'Vichy' sham of democracy(aided by much of the equally 'Vichy' corporatist MSM).

Yes, there are significant differences between the events in Germany of the 1930’s and America today:

1. The evolving Empire in Germany was nationalist in scope, though global in appetite and claims (“Thousand Year Reich”), while the evolving Empire, only currently headquartered here, is overtly global in scope from the get go (since Empire is a pathology of economics first and politics only second, and must be global if planned by any but a mad-man). This economic primacy reflects Sheldon Wolin’s critique of modern Empire toward ‘inverted fascism’, where economic power is senior partner in the merger of corporate and state.

2. The fast evolving Empire HQ in America is following a far more modern, sophisticated, long-term and guileful path than a Blitzkrieg and occupation of another country (competing national empire) with a crude first-generation, one-party ‘Vichy’ thin-veil of disguise. The Empire is also “Friendly Fascism” (Bertram Gross), so far --- although only in the U.S. However, Hannah Arendt’s prescient truth about empire must be taken very serious now, “Empire abroad (always) entails tyranny at home”.

3. Naturally, given the superior long term planning and non-human corporatist nature of this modern beast, there are many structural differences in the political manipulations, modern ‘shock doctrine’ pseudo-events, and infinitely more polished (softer) propaganda techniques that have been employed in the current global Empire take-over than were common to the Nazi path to power. No single human Chancellor was overtly appointed. There was no Reichstag fire was used (although some wonder and research 9/11). The rein of Gleichschaltung, and other extra-judicial rulings have not so obviously been applied, despite ‘signing statements’ few overt actions were needed.

4. There’s possibly a bit more time (and willingness) for the U.S. citizens (and a Global People’s Movement) to confront this Global corporatist Empire --- as I wrote before the supreme court ruling:

“We are not quite yet in a situation like those trapped in Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka, Dachau, and Auschwitz-Birkenau, where the only choice was between the "least worst" of the Nazis or their non-German guards.

However, we do not have the luxury that any formerly comfortable population might have enjoyed, of depending on their robust civil freedoms in a stable Republic, calling on their normal financial resources, and support of democracy in a Republic sliding down-hill fast on a slippery slope. The surprise can come quicker than the population of such a country senses, as it did in the 1930’s in Germany --- until it is too late --- and today, there is no boat to the freedom and safety of a by-gone America that even one as smart as Einstein can take.

Everyone in America needs to put all their best efforts, financial resources, and the "good will of men" (as Kennedy said during the Cuban Missile Crisis, that caught even him by a surprise of corporate/financial/militarist Empire) to the task of saving democracy and our 'shared' world from Global Empire. It is only through the solidarity of a Global People's Movement to confront Global Empire that we can mutually survive the coming Holocaust being planned by this Global Empire.

As was presciently and poetically said by Martin Neimoller:

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out.”

Remember this, like it was itched by a laser in your brain:

Today, those freely speaking of liberalism in America are already gone ---
Those who speak in America of the kind of sustainable ‘social democracy’ that all of Europe and Japan adopted after their Empire experience of WWII are gone ---
Those who dare to openly call for socialism are gone --- and prevented from even using that nasty word in their Senate title are silenced.
The unions have been decimated without a whisper of resistance.
The blacks, and immigrants, and poor, and working poor, and now even the supposed American invented ‘middle-class’ are disenfranchised without a whimper.
Then they will come for you --- and your choice now (but NOT THEN) will only be, “Are you for democracy or EMPIRE” --- so make your choice for inclusiveness and democracy smartly and strongly, or accept your fate to Global Empire foolishly.”

Alan MacDonald
Sanford, Maine

So every single American who can still think, needs to contact their Congressmen, pronto, and insist that Congress introduce legislation to invalidate the SCOTUS, forevermore.

Just toss them out on their asses! All five.

When a limb of your body becomes this corrupt, sometimes you have to cut it off.

And because "The Robert's Gang of Five" failed so monumentally in their job as the court of last resort, the place of protection for the little guy, these jerks should be sent to jail without trial. If not, then shot by a firing squad for treason.

Or, as Senator Alan Grayson suggests, go to and join with Americans who choose not become slaves to corporations.

Come on,Obama! You need to step up and remove all five from office. Then in one fell swoop, replace them all with a Rainbow Coalition of Justices. Then and only then could we get real Justice and real Democracy.