Monday, March 14, 2011

Closing The Borders


In her book, Naomi Wolf predicted that the next step in the coup d'etat by the oligarchic corporations in their agenda for a Fascist dominated country, with a brutal dictatorship, would be the closing of the borders.  The harassment of would-be travelers by way of humiliating body scanners and invasive pat downs is accomplishing just that.  Unfortunately the American people seem not the least bit inconvenienced by what would have been unimaginable in the time of  JFK.

And by the way, if you don't think that the illegal moves of the Republican Legislature and Governor Walker, himself, in attempting to pass a grossly unpopular piece of legislation which destroys civil rights of workers in this country was a demonstration of how fascism works, you'd better think again.  You are watching it unfold.  Unless of course, your local newspaper and TV news programs have been burying such stories of the back pages as the Republican owned papers in my neighborhood have been doing.

Republicanism is now more dangerous to America than the communist threat during the 1950's.  Far more dangerous.  These people actually do mean to take over this country.  No matter what the majority of Americans want.  The People Be Damned, is their motto!

And step number 8, will be requiring all citizens to have an ID chip implanted in their bodies.  This process has already begun.  The National ID is a significant part of the plan.  Fortunately a few states have refused to participate in this subversive agenda by the banksters.