Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sarah Palin and Republicans Deny Connection to Az Shooting

Democratic Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in the head earlier today in Arizona, and six other innocent bystanders were killed by the same gunman, including a Federal judge. In all, the final tally was 20 people, six deaths and 14 others wounded in various degrees.  Jared Lee Loughner, is the killer's name.  So many incidents of violence by yet more unhinged conservatives.

This is an event of huge proportions.

All the more so since it was originally Sarah Palin who "targeted" Gifford by name as well as by district in her map in which she targeted 20 Democrats in crosshairs.

This, no doubt will injure Palin in her quest for more and more power.  She already has the undying support and adulation of the lunatic fringe. But more importantly, there has been no word at all, from the right wing Republican leadership.

Notice that Whoopi Goldberg makes a very important observation in this video.  "For all the talking heads, if any violence comes out of this, it will be on your hands."  She did not mention Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, all of whom use militaristic war terms in their ever increasing violence laden rhetoric.  At a rally last spring, Glenn Beck called upon his disciples for all liberals to be removed, destroyed, eliminated.   O'Reilly has denied several times that he has any responsibility, especially in the shooting deaths not only of a much loved doctor who gave his time pro-bono to help women who needed abortions, but also the man who entered a church in Tennessee, a congregation of Unitarian Universalists in the sanctuary of the church during the service.

What is now very clear, is that the right wing rhetoric of hatred and violence must stop.  Human decency demands it.  Yet the talking heads at Fox News have almost talked themselves out of any and all responsibility for these many tragic events.    

This catastrophe marks the end of access.  Public access to celebrities and politicians.  No more Congress On Your Corner appearances at the local Safeway or Mall.  Security at Red Carpet events will have to be increased ten-fold.

Most people by now have seen the third video--- of the Americans for Prosperity Rally where the protesters, ultra-conservatives all, display disgraceful behavior toward a handicapped man.  But some have not seen it.  This is the sort of thing which must be stopped.  The Koch brothers are the big moneyed, unseen hands, funding this entire rally and The AFP astro-turf organization.





Fascinating to see the right wingers go into overdrive to spin this thing away from themselves. Kinda like a man who sneaks a silent but toxic fart in a crowded elevator and then purses his lips and wrinkles his brow at an innocent little old lady next to him, so as to make everyone think it was her that did the terrible deed. That's the GOP congressional leadership burning rubber, spinning their wheels, to disavow any responsibility for this unspeakable tragedy. But this time they can't get away with it.

Not so far in the past, Bill O'Reilly brazenly denied any responsibility for the murder of Doctor George Tiller, the deeply compassionate abortion doctor, despite the fact that for months Billo had been using violent imagery while demanding retribution from his TV audience to punish the good doctor. 

"Baby Killer" is how O'Reilly referred to Doctor Tiller.  Tiller risked his reputation and his life due to the cranks on the right.  He was willing to do what very few doctors do: handle late stage abortions.  But somebody has to do it.  He was a very brave and compassionate man.   

Glenn Beck called on his Tea Party disciples to get rid of the dangerous liberals. "All liberals must be eliminated," Beck said.

Sarah Palin has denied any responsibility and even went so far as to deny that her infamous map with trigger cross hairs targeting 20 Dems who voted for the health care reform bill, were actually the cross hairs of a gun. What she said at the time, was, "Don't retreat. Reload." No, those weren't gun cross hairs.

Then what were they? Elvish runes?

The Truth is out there staring us all in the face, and there's no way the right can spin it away from themselves and still maintain a shred of intellectual honesty or just plain human decency. But then the right has never really cared much about such things as intellectual honesty and human decency. Just as they always do--- they leave turds floating in the public pool and then try to claim the left made them do it. Whenever they get caught they cry "it's really the fault of the liberals!"


They must think the whole world is way stupid and that they, the usual GOP talking heads, sound really convincing. But this time they don't. Not convincing at all. I have little doubt that the GOP wordsmith, Frank Luntz, the guy who has come up with so many negative spins, such as Obama-care, and Job killing, and tax-relief is holed up in a hotel room somewhere in downtown DC, working his pencil to a nub trying to spin the Republican Party's way out of this mess. But so far, the right presents a picture of drowning men grasping at straws. The GOP just doesn't have the moxie to own their own shit.

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