Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Republican Takeover and Repealing Health Care Reform

O n the day that Republican Leadership in DC renounces their own lavish health insurance benefit program is the very day I will be happy to listen to legitimate arguments about why it's necessary to repeal the lame, watered-down, verging on piss-poor, lobbyist dictated program afforded to the people of America, which, by the way, contain less than half the benefits of people throughout the rest of the world.  Not to mention the fact that, more than 70% percent of Americans, left and right, are strongly against any tampering with the health care reform bill as it is.  Hey, the bill Congress finally did pass at least leaves the insurance companies still standing.  That is a lot more than I would have done were I to rule the world for even half an hour.

It is simply immoral and unethical to rip big profits off of anybodies' health.  Yeah, that's right, to reap obscene profit and bonuses from health care for the working class is just that---an obscenity!  Not only do Americans, in general, oppose this proposed repeal but so do more than 90% of the medical community.

Here is where the Republicans have got it all wrong:  3% of Americans say that the deficit should be paid for by eliminating Social Security.  4% percent say Medicare is the problem.  But 61% of Americans say we must raise the taxes on the rich.  That's an awfully big gap, there.  And just why is it that the Repukes insist on this extension of the tax cut for the richest Americans anyway? We know that they are little more than lackeys for rich corporations.  But most of the rich are fair minded people who say they would not mind paying more in taxes. Something does not add up!

We have seen too much damage to America brought about entirely by health insurance companies trading on Wall Street promising to pump out profits for investors.  Capitalism is antithetical to Christianity.  For all practical purposes, the GOP is the party, not merely of NO, but the party of the true Anti-Christ!    

Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand and all the lobbyists on K Street, can suck my cock!



  1. It is always preferable to have a doctor who is capable of listening when you really need to talk to a doctor about a difficult set of symptoms.

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