Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Xmas Wish

The party that won did not really win, except through deceit.  Yet the the pundits keep chastising the GOP as if they were a beloved family member who simply erred but as soon as they see the light all will be well.

I beg to differ.

The GOP has erred too many times to the detriment of humanity.  Over and over they believe they have outsmarted the rest of us.  This time gerrymandering, vote suppressing and the like, cannot go unnoticed. Like recalcitrant cons, they cannot be taken back in.  Not without damage to not only humanity, and the rest of the species on earth.

They are poison to the planet as a whole.

The Democrats are not much better but they win by a tiny margin.

Climate Change, no let's call it what it is: Global Warming, is all the fault of the profiteering establishment. They are holding my family -- my loved ones hostage.  And even if we give in to their obscene demands we still lose just by having such monsters around.  What are their demands?  Cutting taxes for the rich.  And raising taxes on the poor, instead.  And they ask us to believe their balderdash that Trickle down economics might actually work.  It has never worked.  And it never will.

They demand that we not take care of the poor either financially or through health programs.  Paul Ryan wants to give old people $1,500 dollar vouchers to take care of all their health problems.  And that includes dental.

Paul Ryan needs to be guillotined.  His rotten head severed from his body.  Same with Mitch McConnell.  And John Boner, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Phil Gramm, the list is long but those are on the short list.

Conservatives should be gotten rid of altogether.

Removed from the planet.

They are not simply sweet people who made a series of blunders.  They are absolutely certain they are right.
Convinced that their way is the only way.

Well, no more.

I would like them all shot.  Or better yet -- their heads lopped off.

There is a psychological principle, known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, that says that really stupid, offensive people inevitably overestimate their skill level.  They give themselves away owing to the character flaw of being louder than the rest of us.  They tend to be lewd, crude and ridiculous.  Along with being resolutely obstinate due to the fact that they believe themselves to be a hundred percent right about their position.  As a corollary, gifted people, people with something real to offer, tend to be uncertain, equivocal, full of doubt, quiet about their achievements, truly modest folk.  They truly feel that what they can so easily do is merely something which anybody can do.  

Thus we can see who is not needed in civilization.  The loud ones; those who are absolutely certain of their position however foul it may be in the eyes of the intelligent, are the ones who need to be removed immediately.

Those who most crave positions of power, for example, are the very people who must not ever be allowed to be near such position of power.  The same with money.  Take the bankers out behind the barn and shoot them.  The greater the love of money the sooner they get shot.

But take them back.  No, I don't think so.  It's too late for that.

I am not proposing WAR!

What I am proposing is that a very quiet underground, loosely connected, plan carefully, and simply kill certain offenders off.  And all on the same night.  Then they all go to the airports to get on private planes and be flown to a lovely beach somewhere to live happily ever after.

And yet even as I write this I begin to understand that these tiresome noisy folk are merely the stooges for something far more sinister and destructive: The men and women who are truly evil.  The Satanists, the Illuminati, who tiptoe behind the scenes -- pushing and pulling; eagerly buying off this senator and that congressman.

We must organize.

We must make lists.

Who do we kill off first?

I must stop here.  After all.  This is just a revenge fantasy.  

But if Jesus really loved me... hmm...