Friday, August 10, 2012

Tactics of Gangsters

The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves.  Running around desperately restricting the rights of voters.  If Republicans had a photon of decency, they would not countenance such outright villainy.

 Specifically in the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  So far.  And this is over the strenuous objections of the federal Department of Justice.  Those conservative officials seem to enjoy thumbing their noses at the Feds on this issue.

In America, for Christ's sake!

It is a series of moves by state governors and legislators, those which are predominantly conservative, which points to desperation.  It says, very loudly, that there is the head-banging realization followed by the palpable, throat-grabbing fear, that the only way the Republican Party can win is by cheating.  Last time, the Republicans cheated by fixing the Diebold voting machines.

Oh, puh-leez, don't even think about denying it.  Everybody knew!  We even have the statement from the CEO of Diebold promising that he would do anything to guarantee Bush election. So what we have is a Party of Dunces who can achieve nothing without willfully destroying the Spirit of Democracy.  And whose members have so relinquished their moral compass that they've descended to the level of snake in the grass;  and this time they make no bones about the fact that they are doing this sort of thing.  In Ohio, for example they are extending the hours of voting polls in Republican districts.  But they are shutting down the polls in Progressive districts early.  And the statements uttered by the Secretary of state are so absurd it makes one woozy to contemplate the chutzpah he brazenly demonstrates to the world.

This is the way of the bully, the fraud, and thug gangster.  One feels embarrassment for the poor creature even if he himself is beyond such emotions himself.



 As they say in the Deep South: a man who will lie to you, will steal from you.  And a man who will steal from you will kill you.

But beyond the officials, who give no hint of embarrassment at their own treason,  are the conservative voters themselves, who have made no outcry protesting such blatant attempts to circumvent the US Constitution and abridge the right of voters, regardless of said voters political persuasion.  Such lack of sanguine response to chicanery and outright knavery, speaks volumes about the moral fiber of the rank and file conservative voter themselves.

My new definition of a Republican is one whose political purview causes one's soul to cry out to be murdered in his sleep.