Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spiders In Your Food

Genetically Modified Foods.  The very phrase, which speaks of spiders' DNA being inserted into soybeans, or fish DNA into corn, to name two methods, strikes terror into the heart of knowledgeable consumers.  No wonder science itself, is losing its once inviolate name to draw back the curtain of ignorance, to reveal truth upon greater truth, is now being stained by "scientists" whose every work brings further betrayal upon humanity.

Eight bills dealing with the highly volatile GMO issue are about to be debated in the Oregon Legislature.  True, there was a big moment in California, when voters suddenly turned in upon their own best interest and defeated the motion to label GMOs.  But then too, there was Monsanto spreading huge amounts of money, buying everybody with the smallest amount of legislative power.  Not to mention the fact that the vote count was polluted and that issue, too, has never been satisfactorily resolved.  The polluters counted on time and distance to let the issue pass out of public scrutiny.

Monsanto is known to be extremely liberal in its buying of legislators and judges.  Beginning back with Canadian Farmer, Percy Schmeizer who attempted to sue Monsanto for polluting his crops.  The judge not only found for Monsanto but ordered Schmeizer to forfeit to Monsanto, his heritage seeds; seeds which had been cultivated for generations by his family.  Fortunately, Schmeizer had the good sense to fight the decision all the way up to the Canadian Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, Monsanto had not only fouled Schmeizer's crops, but had paid off every judge along the way to the Supreme Court.

The fouling of Justice is one of most tragic results of all this.

I am not so sure Schmeizer would have won were his case to come before the United States Supreme Court as the court is now structured.

It is simply not possible to be a thinking person, and do just a modicum of research on the subject of GMOs and still come down on Monsanto's side.  Consider: it is Monsanto, alone, which is responsible for the suicides of thousands of farmers in India.  That gross tragedy will have to be discussed in another essay.  Suffice it to say,  India has had to ban Monsanto from dealing at all in that country.  It is a sign of the corrupt era we live in that the American State Department has made sure that that story has never surfaced in America.  That is one of the more embarrassing stories posted on the whistleblower site, Wikileaks.  It also explains why so many at the top of the Obama administration want Julian Assange dead or alive.

If this vital issue should happen to lose in the Oregon legislature, we may soon be reading of bills in Congress which seek to protect the rights of rich people to buy legislatures and congresses.  Not to mention judges and newspapers.