Wednesday, May 12, 2010

T-baggers outrage against Obama

Cognitive Dissonance produces criticism

Under Obama's leadership Americans are paying less taxes than at any time since Harry Truman. Yet Republicans and the people in the video below seem totally unaware of this fact. They and the birthers, the accusers of Obama's socialism and anyone else who has a beef against the world have taken to the streets and are demonstrating. What they are demonstrating is little more than their own madness.

These criticisms of this president have no basis in reality. Quite the contrary: Those who see him as a socialist either have no idea of what socialism entails, or else they have drunk RNC Kool-Aid. Those who see him as a fraud are themselves fraudulent.

The mind can be a tricky thing.

Frequently, and especially, when we are filled with self-loathing, a common state of being since Christianity holds as a basic tenet that we are all sinners. We cannot deal with our own feelings of hatred and worthlessness, so we project these very real negative and therefore afflictive emotions onto the world. Rather than accept what is essentially our own responsibility, we go into a strange phenomenal response. Since such emotion is difficult to endure we attempt to ignore it. But as we are born with a mind which is innately honest, the unconscious mind cannot ignore it. But neither can the mind deal with it. Faced with this difficulty or threat to the integrity of one's own personhood, rather than lose control and self-destruct, we go into what is technically known as cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance

is what happens when information comes in which does not jibe with our sense of how things ought to be. So the mind spaces it. But that unfortunately does not solve the problem. The accusation is still there, But rather than accept the guilt we project the emotion onto the world. Since Obama is largely an unknown person to us, we latch onto him and project the dilemma onto him. So if I am a fraud and my (Freudian) superego refuses to accept responsibility for being a fraud, rather than crack and destroy the ego, I will Accuse Obama of being a fraud. Result I feel much better about myself, but I scapegoat Obama for my own fraudulence.

We tend to see life not as it is, but as we are.

In the words of Saint Francis of Assissi:

"What you are looking for is what is looking."

From that perspective, these are unhappy people who have lost their sense of self. It may be said they have lost their identity.

If you look at Obama and see only fraud it's because you are the fraud. Your hatred is just a projection of your own self-loathing. Unfortunately most of the folks who fear and hate Obama as a fraud, are mostly suffering from clinical delusional paranoia.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oil Company Business As Usual

Big Oil: Corrupt As We Thought

T he Shell oil Company is every bit the crooks and thugs we suspected they were but were afraid to mention it. This video of the Company's criminal antics in County Mayo,says every thing that needs saying and a little bit more. I say we just hand them over to the World Court and imprison them for life. We have all the hard evidence we need. They may have 200 lawyers, but who cares. They are all guilty as dirt. Destroying people's water and land. And then they send in corrupt police forces to do their dirty work and beat up anybody who protests. I wouldn't want to be a local politician in that county. They will be lucky to escape with their lives. And with good reason. They sold out 10,000 local people's drinking water to the crooks at Shell. Like so many corporations these crooks deserve to be put to death.

Yeah, you heard me... "Put to death!"