Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oil Company Business As Usual

Big Oil: Corrupt As We Thought

T he Shell oil Company is every bit the crooks and thugs we suspected they were but were afraid to mention it. This video of the Company's criminal antics in County Mayo,says every thing that needs saying and a little bit more. I say we just hand them over to the World Court and imprison them for life. We have all the hard evidence we need. They may have 200 lawyers, but who cares. They are all guilty as dirt. Destroying people's water and land. And then they send in corrupt police forces to do their dirty work and beat up anybody who protests. I wouldn't want to be a local politician in that county. They will be lucky to escape with their lives. And with good reason. They sold out 10,000 local people's drinking water to the crooks at Shell. Like so many corporations these crooks deserve to be put to death.

Yeah, you heard me... "Put to death!"

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